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My Patio RF

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Well, I picked up a piece of 55" long 20" diameter steel pipe 1/4" thick for the great big price of $10. I am gonna make a new RF for the patio. Here is what I got accomplished before MOMMA told me I was done!
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Looks like a great start and the price of that pipe sure was right. Keep the pics coming
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Yea! Let us know when momma lets you back out to play!
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Now that is a good start for a fine looking smoker. Keep the Qview coming.
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Thanxs Guys, and I TOLD Momma I was playing tomorrow. Ok, I really begged and she said I could spend an hour or so. I have to smoke some beef ribs and wings for a picnic in the rain
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here are a couple more pictures. It's moving along nicely. I need to cut up some flat stock and finish of the chamber and the fire box, this is what I have gotten to so far.



 grill5.jpg picture by controlfade



 grill4.jpg picture by controlfade

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Your new pics aren't showing up?


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Here are a few more pics. Just waiting for some 2" square tube and then off to the sand blaster. Hopefully I am seasoning her by the weekend.














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It looks to me like this thing is just waiting for a good fire.


Nice work.


Thanks for the pics.

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ohe yea keep us posted

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looks great!

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I finished the reverse plate today and my 2" square has arrived. I should have it done in time for a nice long burn in for the weekend.

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nice build.....can't wait to see it in action!

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Alrighty, i got the base just about completed tonight and also made one rack. I think i will also add an additional rack to thow a brisket or two or some ribs up top when I need to do a large amount of food


the base, still need to install the wheels, weld some expanded steel for a bottom shelf and weld the smoker to it but my wife is 4'11" and 95 pounds and this freak of nature has got to be 400 pounds plus. Hopefully the neighbor can give me a hand tomorrow.








Rack 1, I will make another about 8-10" above this one.



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ok, it's done! well sort of. Bringing it to be sandblasted in an hour and the to the paintbooth. Hopefull will season it tomorrow an install both mohagany racks, bottom and the top folding. here it is without paint the mohagany.



No air vents! just 1 - 1 3/8" hole for the 25CFM blowerfan hooked up to the guru








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Love the angle iron center.  Neat idea....


Great job get that sucker off to sandblast and then down to powder coat.

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it's all painted  just put the finish on the mahogany and gonna install tomorrow and season it. Then tuesday she will get her maiden voyage!


One of the tires has a bad tube that why the jack is under her. I am going to get the tires filled with foam and not have to deal with inflating them all the time.








and the almost finished product.



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That is so awesome! I love the colors too, I couldn't imagine having that kind of talent to build my own smoker, wow. That thing should last you a long time too! Looking forward to seeing her in action.

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Thanxs Squirrel,


WooHoo, it works and darn well also. Ran it today for 12 hours with the guru controller.  This thang takes some time to warm up but once warm she maintained temp within a couple degrees the whole day with no constant attendance other than to get her PAM on!. Both side of the chamber are within a couple degrees of each other so no real hot spots although the upper rack was about 7-8 degrees warmer than the lower.


I am gonna do some chicken and ribs for the boys at work tommorow for her maiden voyage and then get the forklift to load it and bring home. I will need a bunch of hands to get this beast off the truck even with 4 wheels.



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Looking good there.

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