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**Inaugural western smoker bonanza**

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Well not quit a bonanza but it sounded good...LMAO
Here are some pics from todays first smoke. I seasoned it last night and it was killing me to use it...temps from top to bttm are with in 5 degrees once the temps stabilize...Because of it being insulated I have to learn some of the tricks for controlling these babies. I did the regular minion method yesterday and let the temps get to high before closing it down probably around 250 or so. Well with these types of smokers that is to high I have been told to control it on the way up which I was kicking my self in the butt last night for not doing. Any ways I also am trying a different or tweak on the minion which is lining the coals and wood up in a narrow row and letting it go from the end..It has worked great so far along with chocking it earlier in the temps around 150 or so.
Now to the meat of things........this was a sorry excuse for spare ribs but beggars can't be choosy. Sprinkled with some MAD HUNKY and set aside...You will also see some dino bones which are sprinkled with Lantana of Texas all purpose and a loin almost split down the middle, also rubbed with lantana. thanks for lookin
charcoal in the basket

spare rib

all on one rack with a lot of elbow room

into the smoker

about a hour in

getting wrapped up with butter, brown sugar, green chiles, jalapeno jelly, chipotle powder

and the dinos

this smoker is at over four hours of running right now with about 2.5lbs of royal oak and 4 chunks of apple...I would say it is very efficient indeed...I am very happy with this western smokerPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now things looks really good so far. I would like to see how those chilies and chipotle works out for you thou. Have you done this before???
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Not exactly but I do it some what the same most of the time...I never cook anything the same way
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Awesome...glad to see that thing going...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks awesome! Do you ship out of state??
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Ok here are the final is still going on 2.5lbs of charcoal, I actually ran it a little hot do to a learning curve..I was figuring 10lbs for 8 hours. It is still going at 230 degrees and has been smoking for 8 hours...Ribs came out great the sirloin is still in. thanks for lookin
back into the smoker after removing from foil

all done

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Oh ya any where you are !
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Those look excellent. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice 1st smoke and a great build.......thx for sharing it with us!
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Looks Great, it has an awesome smoke ring. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanksthanks robThanks treegje...I'll have to take your word on the smoke ring, sorta a down fall of being color blind...but I sure can taste
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looks like an excellent first run what i like is how efficient this runs.
also looks like the smoke flows well in this design at first i had my doubts even after reading the concept of backwoods!!
GREAT JOBpoints.gif
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Thanks mork it really was efficient and the smoke flavor came through nicely. along with predictably temps after learning what to do with these insulated smokers.
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those ribs are making me hungry.
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