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Deep Fryed Turkey - Page 2

Poll Results: How do you prep your turkey for deep frying?

  • 10% (9)
    I just fry the darn thing.
  • 16% (14)
    I brine it.
  • 58% (49)
    I inject it.
  • 14% (12)
    I do brine and inject. More flavor the better.
84 Total Votes  
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I started frying Turkeys about 6 years ago and have been injecting them with a mixture I put together. I don't have it written down but I will make some soon and write it down as I go so I can share it with y'all. I tell you this much, I will never cook a Turkey in the oven again, ever, Fried only for me.
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I inject personally. Through the years ive tried all sorts stuff. As far as safety, I feel comfortable with frying.. Now my first one I was a lil nervous trust me lol. BUT I did the water thing for the amnt of oil, brought it up to 350, made sure my bird was totally DRY...then I cut off the burner, drop her in and when it settled down, i fire her back up....

Also keep a fire ext rele close. rather be safe than sorry..

They ARE dangerous..Guess that's why they do not have the UL approval huh,...

My .02
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Using your logic, I'll never drive a car because I've seen car accidents' or fly in a plane because of airline crashes.
Heck, I wouldn't even be a fire fighter because I could get burned.

There is nothing wrong with deep frying turkey when proper safety measures are taken.
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I normally put my seasonings (meat tenderizer, poutry spices and pepper)in some water...put in a trash bag with the turkey in a cooler/ice for a couple days before I fry it. Seems to soak in as good as if I injected it.
I do have a depth gauge stick marked for how deep the oil is for different weight birds......
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We Inject them with Cajun Injector Marinade...
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I'm with you! They turn out great! Maybe this year for Thanksgiving I'll put them up to the Pepsi challange and do both. Smoked vs. Fried.
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I smofried my last turkey and it turned out really good..I injected it,no brine,smoked to 140 then fried to temp. I put rub under the skin but I think next time i won't,when I fried it the skin started coming loose. (There should be some posts somewhere on here for this)


Got two racks of ribs smokin' now!!!
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I agree with Eman. If you are dumb and careless, you can hurt yourself with anything. Frying turkeys is perfectly safe if you know what you are doing and have a lick of sense. Inject it the night before and fry it. Season the outside of the bird when it comes out of the grease. If you put the rub on before, most of it just comes off and contaminates your frying oil.

All that being said, I still prefer smoked. I fry turkeys when I have to have one ready for lunch and and can't be up all night tending the smoker.
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Smoke em, fry em, smofry them its all good and I've done and continue to do them all of those ways but I doubt I will ever put another one into an oven
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Cornish hens are great also, everyone get their own, so no carving a big bird up.
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I agree, very dangerous; however, if are smart and safe no problems. I have done it two times and it is the BEST tasting turkey I have ever had.
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Well said Piney, I always make sure even if we are eating at the inlaws that I get to cook the bird, at first everyone was reluctant b/c there was no stuffing involved, but after a few smoked and fried birds I get no resistance any more, especially since I introduced my cornbread andouli sausage stuffing (smoked) really good! I have been deep frying turkeys for 11 years w/o incident.
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Anybody who burns their house down from frying has to be, plain and simple .... an idiot. If you use common sense and pay attention frying is not a problem
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I love deep fryed turkeys. we have always injected them with chicken broth. We do them probley like 6 times a year.
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I use a rub also after the brine. I never had as good of results with injection
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Fried turkey is the best turkey I or anyone that has tasted it has ever had. Anyone who burns their house down would have done it some other way at some point in time. Frying turkeys done right is very safe. Done wrong is very dangerous. Which group are you in?

I brine and inject.
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I agree on the cajun injection....I've been frying and smoking turkeys for now on ten years and love both ways. Not done both the same day but as said I may do that this year.

I just smoked one last Friday and started reading this thread and had to go make me a sammy with lots of mayo...umm..umm..good.

As for as safety if a fire started (which has never happened) the most that would burn would be an area of my grass..(weeds)..in my back yard.lol
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The nice thing with them is either fried or smoked if you do an extra one or so they can be cut up and vac packed frozen and then just reheat in oven or boil in the bag.
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I inject with Cajun injector. I usually use a mixture of Creole Butter and Creole Garlic.


This is what works for me.

3 ounces in each breast. – Use only 2 injection points. 

One high on the thick part of the breast( 2 ounces)  and one on the lower part(1 ounce). 

Move the injection needle in different places to distribute the mix.

2 ounces in each thigh

1 ounce in each legs and wings


Rub it inside and out with Tony’s and lower into the fryer.

I have been doing it for almost 20 years.


For those who say they will never fry a turkey because it is too risky, my hat’s off to you.  It is imperative to know your limitations.

For the rest of us who can follow simple instructions, frying is the way to go.


BayouChileHead – I would be interested in your homemade injector. 

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If something bad is going to happen it's when you first put the bird in the hot oil. Turn the burner off until most of the spattering stops and then re-ignite it and you've reduced the risk significantly.


To the firefighters who've seen houses burned because of fryers, please tell us, was it because of stupidity?

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