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Deep Fryed Turkey

Poll Results: How do you prep your turkey for deep frying?

  • 10% (9)
    I just fry the darn thing.
  • 16% (14)
    I brine it.
  • 58% (49)
    I inject it.
  • 14% (12)
    I do brine and inject. More flavor the better.
84 Total Votes  
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***Sorry that this isnt smoking related, but I didnt know where else to put it, and I figured it would be wll received anyways***

Im gonna deep fry my first turkey this Sunday. I was wondering what percentage of folks out there, just deep fry it, brine it, inject it, or do both.

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What a waste of a good bird! and dangerous! i say dangerous I say! I've seen 6 homes end up burning down as a firefighter personally. I've never and will never fry a turkey smoked is o so much better!
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Yeah, I tend to fry my turkeys out in the yard away from the house but I've been shocked to see how many other people do it under the overhang of the house or garage to keep the wind off of it or rain out of it.

I inject. I like the flavor I can add, and if it's just for a fun one, you can inject 2 flavors, one on each side. I use the cheapest turkeys I can get which means the processor has packed it in brine to gain weight, so I can skip the brining step.

I also like it smoked and yes, even gasp! baked. For me each gives a bit different taste. Sort of like sweet tea and unsweetened tea. Most people like one or the other, but for me they're 2 different critters and I like them both (although I like unsweetened w/lemon better usually).
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If I have time I do both, if not cajun seasoning (creole butter) all the way and fry that sucker!
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I too have been a firefighter for many years, and have also seen several homes lost due to this.

However, I do not let it stop me from frying my turkeys, I love them smoked also, but a fried bird is just awesome.

Most if not all of these fires we have witnessed were caused simply by lack of common sense, ie people frying in places they have no business frying.

Back to the OP, I inject mine, I have never brined mainly because in my head a brine adds too much moisture and water and hot oil do not mix....back to the common sense thing IMHO
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Hot oil, propane flame, why in the world would ANYONE do that near the house or in a garage?PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Doesn't make sense to me. Any way, I love fried turkey, and I inject with garlic and onion juice, butter and my cajun seasoning, then rub the seasoning under the skin all over before frying.

To me it's not whether smoking or frying is better, two completely different results and each has it's merits IMHO.
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Have done many a fried turkey as well as other items and never a problem.
I also apply a rub to the outside, put it on a few minutes before you drop it in, some washes off but there is still enough left to add flavor, if you can rub some under the skin also.

Have done boneless pork loins with great results, as well as pieces of beef.
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I love fried turkey and frying them.
It can be dangerous if you are a dum azz and your genes should be removed from the breeding pool.
Frying is so easy and safe if you think and do things the right way.
Just like frying anything over an open flame, The only 2 things that are bad are 1 overheating the oil (FIRE)
2 Over filling the pot with oil so that it boils over when you put the turkey in the pot. (FIRE).
Once you figure out how hot and how much Frying anything in oil is easy.
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I've cooked several turkeys via deep frying. I usually just put on a good rub, usually inside and out as well as under the skin where I can, inject it with some garlic butter and creole seasoning, and let it set for several hours in the fridge before I cook it. Then make sure that you have some good oil to fry in (I use canola or peanut oil) and drop that bad boy in...

shtrdave on a side note how long did you cook your boneless porkloin and at one temp???


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I inject mine with a blend a my own seasonins an put some smoke in the holler rub on em then let em rest overnight. Then fry em.
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speaking of fryin turkeys anyone ever do a ham? just do it the same amount of time as a turkey and its crispy like bacon on the outside and juicy inside....it is pure evil!!
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I always deep fry my turkeys. They are the best. As for burning down your house, that is for those people who don't read how to do it. If you read, follow directions, it is safe. Now there are those that do them on their wooden decks, in car ports, garages, and that is wrong. Just looking for a disaster. I am far away from the house, wood, etc. Best thing I can tell you is take your time getting your oil up to temp...
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I inject mine with butter, a little garlic, and pepper and use a little rub on it.
Just make sure you pat the bird dry dry dry with a towel and easy does it as you lower it into the 350 oil.
Fry for 3.5 minutes per pound
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I've been wanting to fry a turkey FOREVER, but I still don't have anything to do it in.

Has anyone tried the Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer? I'm wondering how it compares to actually frying.
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Yes, Mythmaster,
I have used an infra red fryer, they are not as fast as deep frying but do cook a great bird! I used one at Bass Pro shops as one of the instructors for Family camp out the night f thanksgiving we taught 3 or 4 different ways of preparing and cooking turkey for turkey day. I loved the infra red cooker and bought one.
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This year, I am going to use Travcoman45's brine method, then inject & smoke my bird. I never fry nor will I ever fry.
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I never did a ham but was at a gathering where they did one it was great.

The pork loin was about 5-6 minutes a pound, I like a little pink.

Temp, well I heat it up to 375+ before i put anything in, and then try to keep temp at 350 -370
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Now I have fried a bunch of turkey for maybe 10-12 years now and I haven't caught anythignon fire yet. I think if you are careful and 3-4 notches above idiot you can safely fry a turkey. In fact there is one in the refrig thawing right now. The safe thing like Eman says is know how much oil to use. Maybe you should fill the pot with water first and then insert your turkey and leave a few inches for boilng oil and you should be safe. Now as far as preping the bird I always just inject it with several different blends of seasonings and combos too.
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frying the big bird

The proper way to figure out the ammount of oil you need is to put the turkey in the pot that you will use to fry it in and fill w/ water to cover the bird by 3 inches. take the bird out and drain all water back into the pot.
Mark the level of the water in the pot after you take out the bird and drain.
Fill the pot back to this mark w/ oil and you should be fine when you put the bird into the pot.
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I was at a function awhile back where they served some deep fried ribs they were pretty good
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