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Hey Mike,

I've done jerky using the jerky kit that came with the gun, turned out really good. I've also made the fresh sausage that they are talking about and it is real good too.

The only problem I had was getting the smoker lower than 180°, had to smoke the jerky at night and then it had to be patted dry, as per the instructions, and that was a pain staying up all night.

I'm sure they have hand crank meat grinders there that you can start off with, I had to keep it in the fridge to keep it cool it, believe me working with cold meat is the only way to do it and that is a problem where we live, my sausage making can only be done at night.

I suggest you most definitely buy Rytek's sausage making book, he wrote it using details of 30-40 years ago and I find that helps a lot with us who live in the boonies and don't have access to all of the modern things.

I first started out with buying my pork already ground and making Jimmy Dean clones, the recipes are here or you can find them on the web, they turned out good and I used them for fatties, then I went from a hand crank grinder (you can have it if you want it) to an electric, I have since bought a foot switch, I have ordered dextrose and have it on hand for hot dogs, I've found a casing supplier here, I'm just waiting for my stuffer plate for my grinder and I'll be making hot dogs and sausages.

Sorry it's so long, enjoy your new adventure into the wonderful world of sausage,

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All right! Well I just got off the phone with my better half. Sounds like the grinder and natural casings are readily available where we live. So that just leaves the stuffer.

I like the idea of making Jimmy Dean for fatties...mmmm...

Hey Gene, I have an idea for you.


That's a link to the material I built my house, and smoker out of. Lightweight cement blocks. It has a high R value, is really light and easy to work with. Fairly cheap too. Low thermal mass and all that. If you built a smoker with hebel blocks I'm sure it would stay cool enough to smoke during the day.

I'll do a thread on a small Hebel block smoker, hopefully in the next few months.

Tahiti?icon_cool.gif Man I'm jealous. One of the many places I hope to see someday.
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O man, why'd ya do that, we have the same thing here, only it's called Beton Celluar, same stuff, now you have just opened up a whole new door of possibilities for me, thanks.

That's cool that you can start making sausage and jerky, as for Tahiti, seriously, it's over rated and it ain't like the post cards you see and the political turmoil makes it unpleasant to be a foreigner here, besides, I understand you have some great beaches there in Thailand.


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There it is. 20cm Hebel blocks. No fire blocks, just a thin mortar render. Sheet steel doors with reg insulation inside. Gas burner w/ 1/8 plate as a baffle. Fire door on the bottom w/ 3" gate valve for exhaust.

It works really great for hot smoking, very effecient... I use a small propane burner but you could have a fire box w/ charcoal. Mine's a little too big icon_smile.gif

Political instability? None of that here in the land of smiles.icon_wink.gif
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Man, that is neat, good job, you can hang a lot of sausage in that!

And those are some good looking yard birds, what's in the bacon wrap?

Thanks Mike, you've given me some new ideas to ponder.

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Inside that bacon is ground pork, cream cheese and peppers. I think those are the fatties in my av.
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I have the 5 pounder and I love it. Make sure to get the 1/2" metal tube as well. None of my plastic tubes were small enough for snack sticks, so I had to purchase a smaller one.

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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post

If I were you I would start out using your grinder to stuff the casings. That way you will find out if you want to make sausage or not. Then you can buy the stuffer. I would also start out with the kits too. I got a Gander mtn near me so it was really easy and they will give you plenty of casings that you can make many different kinds of sausage. The one hint I would relay to you is when you are using your grinder for stuffing make sure that you use the cutting blade with the stuffing plate. It's a real bi......h if you don't believe me.
I am greatly confused on why one would leave the cutting blade on the grinder when using it for stuffing sausage. I have a 1 hp #22 commercial grinder from cabelas. I mix and stuff rite away and then put in fridge over night for aging. I use a #22 kidney plate and plastic stuffing tubes. I never let the meat set up before stuffing. It has always been easy going with no problems. Are you letting the meat set up before stuffing??
I use to have a smaller Grinder. one of them 1/2 hp things and it was always work no matter what i did. By the way you got one great BBQ Porch.


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I would not go out and invest in a bunch of sausage making equipment untill you make some just using a hand grinder and stuff with it also. When you get a few lbs under your belt the decide if you want to go forward with it or not. Most folks will not make enough of it to justify very expensive equipment that it takes. Sausage making is not for everyone. Its got to be in your blood.. I have the grizzly and like it. I just used a hand grinder to stuff with for many years...

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Originally Posted by richoso1 View Post

They have an outstanding customer service dept. that actually has trained reps. It's worked for me.

lots of ways to skin a cat.........what rich said is one of he reasons why i went with the LEM stuffer and grinder. the other is i have a bass pro close by and i can get parts like blades, tubes, etc.

as for beginer sausage i would go with fresh as opposed to cured until you learn your equipment.


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