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Where to Buy?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a whole pig in North West Georgia/East Alabama? I'm looking to cook one for 4th of July this year, but I'm not sure how to start looking for one that is already processed and ready to throw on the smoker.
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Well...I have bought only one with a friend and it came from a "local" family owned meat market. They had cows as well as pigs to buy. Went out back, picked what you wanted and they took care of the rest. You might have such a place around you. This was a family owned butcher/meat market.

Or check around the local feed stores. They might know someone who can sell you a dressed hogg. Since they sell feed, they will know the farmers etc.. in your area..

Hope this helps!!
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Where to buy

Chances are if you find a local pig farmer he would be willing to sell you one reasonable priced.
If he can’t butcher it for you he can direct you to a meat locker, and most likely would take the hog there for you.
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