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Whole Pig w/Qview

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Well We have our first whole hog cook of the spring coming up soon. I thought I would share some past pictures of the whole hogs myself, dad and a friend do.
All thought not truly smoked we cook over wood at about 350 degrees. We usually get a nice smoke ring and the meat is to die for. I have been wanting to try a 24 hour cook with the temps around 20 and see if there is a big difference.One day I will find the time'
Here is one on the spit ready for smoke and heat

We usually get them on the spit and then get the heat going it helps shrink the skin better and we get less splitting of it

Here is one waiting to be pulled from the heat.
All barked up. MM making me hungry
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That does look good! Making me hungry too! Bring on the Qview of your upcoming cooks. And more details.
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what details would you like to know?
I am up, and can't sleep I can give you all the information you want LOL

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That pig looks naked. No rub, S & P, injection? How long did it cook at 300? Sure looks good though. Seems like you know what you're doing!biggrin.gif
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We use Newman's Or Bernstein Italian dressing and inject with about 3-5 bottles depending on the size. We cook at 350-400 deg a 150 lb pig will take about 5-6 hours give or take. We usually use almond or oak for the smoke and fire. We have two fires going one at the front left of the unit and one at the right rear. Depending on time we either pull and slice it or if we have time to leave it on longer it can be pull a part pork.
We try to purchase pigs that are not to fat. A friend once had a few to many adult beverages and fell a sleep on an over nighter and got a grease fire and his unit went up in flames. :( We have done pigs as small as 100 lbs to a 350pounder even put 1 1/2 hogs on the spit before,. Works best when the head is left on.
We enjoy doing them and usually only do events for friends and family
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That looks amazing! Truly pig-a-liscious!

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Outstanding! love it!
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Awesome!! Great pics!
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