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Beer Can Brisket?

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Hey Guys, Im relatively new to this forum and new to smoking. I have a 22.5" WSM, which I have used twice at this point. My first attempt was smoking a a rump roast. It tasted good although it was a little leathery.

My second time turned out better. I smoked an 8.5lb packer brisket. It turned out delicious. I used a dry rub with mustard, and basted it with apple juice and cherry juice. My family ate it up and in fact we were out of leftovers in 2 days...

Anyway, Im thinking of smoking another brisket this next weekend for mothers day. Ive had a beer brisket before and it was the best brisket Ive ever had. And so I want to try one. However, I dont drink so I dont know what type of beer to buy. Can anyone suggest some good beers for the brisket? Should I let it soak in beer for 24 hours and inject it with beer? Or should I simply baste it with beer while cooking?

What do ya'll do for beer can brisket? What recipes do you have?
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I do a beer bathed brisket with Guinness Extra Stout. Works real well
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What type of flavor does it give? Im new to beer so I dont have a clue about it. All that I know is budweiser was enough to turn me away from beer.
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thats cause bud is a cheap over advertised product like starbucks!! You need to try darker beers for a really good flavor. I would try Amberbock cause it is priced about the same as Bud and has good flavor for a econo dark beer.

as far as how to incorporate it into your meat I have no clue cause i have never done it and would not want to give you advice on something i have never done...... But if it were me i would just baste it with the beer of your choice every hour after the first hour.
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I was going to suggest you use a dark beer for the brisket.
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If u Google brisket mops about. Com has a Guinness based mop sauce.
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Would you marinade the brisket or use the beer as a mop? Would you inject?
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Awwwwww...poor Budweiser. I drink MGD. Now, TxSmoker, head on over to "Roll Call" & introduce yourself so that the people here can welcome you to SMF properly. You are already getting the award winning advice that encompasses the net, (Although I don't know what that award would be), so relax, enjoy your stay, posts nice qview of your smokes & have some fun. Welcome.

That sounds like something I would do for the first time as well. However, see what rbranstner has to say. He is pretty knowledgable. Good luck.
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I would either do a dark porter or stout.... or another nice flavor would be something like an IPA with a good amount of hops. The tart flavor of the hops would go nice with a brisket.
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i just usewd a barley wine ale for a bath..worked great
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I have found this recipe.
It sounds pretty good and I think Im gonna try it out. Here's hoping Guinness Extra Stout tastes pretty good!
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deleted for double post.
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