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When foiling butts do you wrap it up in tin foil or can you put it in a tin foil pan covered with tin foil?
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I wrap mine.
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In a pan foiled.
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Foil tented aluminum baking pan for me, or a while back I was using a covered roaster...same great results.

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Either way will work fine just make sure its sealed well either way
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u wrap it an a pan then foil. the pan is good support
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If I plan on foiling something I always wrappe it in a few sheets of foil..
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I'm a foiling wrapper here.
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I put mine in a steam table pan and foil the top. Got tired of wasting money on one time pans.

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The one that I did I foil wrapped it with 3 layers then wrapped 2 heavy napped towels around it..
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