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Mes???? Or....!!!

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I am thinking about getting an electric smoker...... but I'm not sure which one would be the best. What is your thoughts. I would be using it for ribs , jerky, pulled pork, a fattie once in awhile!!!

I got two propane units already but would like to get an electric to add to the collection!
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It really comes down to your budget. Figure out what your top limit is to spend on the unit itself, then go from there. I have a Cookshack Super Smoker 50 - spendy, but works like a plow horse! I bought mine used 3 years ago and it was already 20 years old then. Only mod to it was adding a new thermometer. I paid 450, new they are a grand for the size I have.

So, back to budget. Set that and start looking from there. My budget at the time I was looking was $400, but founf this on craigslist 160 miles away and went for it. No regrets!!

Good luck blzafour!
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i have had very good luck with my 30" MES. It has rarely been idle any Saturday since last July. Had a problem up front and the warranty people were great! I live in the town where Cookshack is made (and Head Country BBQ sauce & rub) and it is a great unit, but I could buy almost 3 MES for one Cookshack. (Maybe 2 1/2) the newer 40" will recover faster than the 30" in colder temps so I would replace this one with a 40 if I ever wear this one out. Good luck with your decision!
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Chainsaw is spot on for the pricing on the CS. It certainly is not for the faint-of-wallet! Here in Minnesota, I can fire up my CS any time: windy or not, 5-below zero or 95 degrees - without worry of the elements affecting cook times.

Alot of MES owners here and that seems like the best bang for the buck. I'd follow chainsaw's advice - go big and get their best model possible! Put the extra $$ that a CS would have costed, and put it into a spiffed up home for your smoking arsenal!
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