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First build...now w/Q-view

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On my way to the scrap yard to do a little tank shopping. I found a pretty good sized air compressor tank. Hard to tell dimensions way up on the pile, but I would guess 80 gallon plus... Also picking up a smaller propane tank for use as a firebox (possibly). Gotta be on top of things nowadays. They crush and truck off stuff almost as fast as it comes in.

20 cents a pound isn't bad.

Pics to follow...
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nice start,
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Air tank is a 100 gallon one. About 22" in diameter, and 64" long. Still has the U stamp tag on it. Rated at 200 psi @ 550degF, and full vacuum... not for long!

Pics tomorrow
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Cut the ends off of both tanks, and cut the legs and compressor base of of the air tank.

Time to burn...icon_mrgreen.gif

Probably not going to be the fastest project posted here. I will keep it updated as things get done. Should have been a winter project...
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It looks like you are doing just fine with your prepping everything so far. Now I didn't think that the big tank was going to be big enough for the cooking end of your smoker but it looks fine in the pictures now.
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After the burn, I pressure washed the tank. most of the paint came right off. Got it up on legs, and casters go on next.

Got the door opening marked, and drilled small hole at each corner.
Once I get that cut, I start on the reverse flow plate and drain.

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The cooking surface will be about 45" X 20". Still looking to score some less expensive plate for the firebox. (Have to go shopping at the scrap yard again.) I was going to use the Propane tank I got, but I am unimpressed with the thickness of the metal. (It might end up being a charcoal grill for the house...)

The casters will do for now until I get time to build a small trailer for her.
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Looks like you are well on your way to having a heck of a nice rig there. I see your tig rig there in the back ground, from a distance your welds look pretty nice. But its hard to tell if they are tig or mig. I know this is a smoking forum but if you don't mind showing a couple of your nice looking beads. I appreciate welding as much as smoking, so its nice to see both skills in one happy place.

I ran across the question of which way to slope the reverse flow plate the other night. Which way do you plan yours to slope? That is if you don't mind me being nosey.

Great work
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I plan on sloping slightly toward the end opposite the firebox. I like the idea of any grease collected to head away from the heat source. (I think it would work fine either way though.)

I don't have any closeups of the welds. I attempted some stick welds, but I kinda suck at that. (need practice) I TIG'd most everything here. A little slow, but comes out nice. I'll be cutting tomorrow.

The welder is a Longevity Multi-purpose unit. Stick/ Tig (DC)/ Plasma cutter. I just got it, and like it so far. It is chinese made, but the company has some pretty good customer service, and a 5 year warranty. I think it will work out for my purpose. Mainly projects like this and for my Jeep...

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Looks like a great start keep the pics coming
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Thanks roklimo, I am self taught with mig flux wire and dc-stick but I havent ventured into tig yet. I had plans of building a stump clone but checked the local steel prices and about fainted. The clone will have to wait until prices drop again or I score a good scrap find again. So I am doing my research on the UDS. Tig would be really nice for this project, but maybe another day and another project.

BTW nice Jeep you have there. Thanks for the pics.
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I love wheeling Moab. I need to go again.
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Me too! We go somewhere every summer. Going to Idaho this year. Not much wheeling here in Iowa...fricken corn...
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Finally got some time to work on her.

Yup, reverse flow...

Haven't really welded in years. (Wasn't much good when I did.biggrin.gif) Slowly getting the hang of it.
Got the plate to fabricate the firebox, and most everything else but the expanded metal for the cooking surface.
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Back from vacation.  Hope to make some progress soon.  Summer is pretty busy, so it will be slow going...

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Finally some real progress! 


Hung the firebox on the side.




Cut and fit the end of the tank back on the firebox end, and mounted the casters.




Got the stack welded on.




Getting there!



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Coming along very nicely, I like it !!!

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lookin good! 

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Looks great.  Something like that will be my next build.  Need soemthing for the house.

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Just picked up the rest of the steel, and the thermometers.   Hopefully some more progress soon.  (if it ever cools down a bit...)

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