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temp stall

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I have my fist chuckie in the smoker. It has been going since 130 so roughly 4 and half hours, and it is stuck at 150 degrees. It is a small one to only 2.5 pounds. This could take all night. Oh well I got a boston butt in there for pulled pork, so i guess it will be a long night.
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the plateau shouldn't last very long, ive seen stalls on briskets,butts the larger cuts on meat, never really noticed that with a chuckie before
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Now thats does sound really long to me too. Now you have been at 130 for how long??? For you should really be carefull with the 40 to 140 in 4 hours. But a stall has no boss and it does what it does. I might try sticking the meat in a differant area and are you sure that your thermo probe is correct??? If you have another one I would try it too.
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I agree with mballi, I always recheck temps with my portable one too
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Clarification.....he said it has been going since 130. I am thinking that is the time he started. He is stuck at 150 degrees at the time of this post, which was 4.5 hours past 130. Of course it would help if we knew what the temps were.
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Ok for clarification at 1:30 i started. at 5:30 its was at 150 degrees. So the danger zone is 40 to 140 degrees no longer then four hours correct. I finished it up at 9:00 pm with a temp of 205 degrees. I had the mes set at 230 degrees. I hope this clears it up. So I should of past the danger zone in that time period.
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You are fine, enjoy.
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