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picked up a new to me smoker today from craigslist

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This morning I checked craig's just for the heck of it and seen a brinkmann gourmet electric for 25.00, so I picked her up at lunch. It was still in the box, never put together. Guess it was a xmas preasant. So I took it home, put it together, only tookn about 20mins. And am not curing her with the hope to try her out tomarow evening.
Any thoughts on this model? Any needed mods that I should look into?

Thanks, Duane
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One thought, where do you put the wood? And what would be best with this smoker, chunks, or chips??
Thanks again!!
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Chunks and chips both work fine for me. I place the chunks near (but not touching) the element. I started out using foil pouches for the chips but have since gone to using a tin can (15 oz vegetable can I think. Whatever size it is, it fits inside the loop of the element without touching) covered with foil (I poke 5 or 6 holes in the foil). I do not soak the chips and get 1 1/2 hours or so of smoke per can.
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Have you had to do any mods on the smoker, or has it been working out okay for you? At the moment it is registering 337 deg from the top rach with a mavrick. Of course no water, so I know it will go down some, stilll seems warmish. How are temps for you?
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I haven't gotten a thermometer yet (aside from my instant read). icon_redface.gif I had planned to order a Maverick on Monday but my riding mower decided to break a belt so I had to put off for a bit longer. Seems like I read somewhere that they run around 250* or so but I can't say for sure.

I've considered putting a vent in the lid but haven't gotten around to it yet since it seems to work fairly well as is.
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In it's littel test run, it seemed to top off around 350, this is without water and and meat in it. I know there is going to be a drop off in temp with the water bowl, and food. We'll see this weekend., I'm kinda thinking about doing some baby back's that I picked up from sam's club.
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Sounds good. Let me know what it reads with the water pan and food when you do your first smoke. Judging by the cooking times I've experienced, I'd guess it drops quite a bit from 350*. Oh ... don't forget a qview too. biggrin.gif
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Well did my first smoke today, and you were right. The temp held well in the 240-250 range. I'd love to see it a bit cooler but at least it was consistant, and very trouble free...
I have a q-view under pork off the main fourm page..
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Thanks for the confirmation on the temp. I posted in your Q-View thread before I read this one.
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