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Drink the beer, grill the dogs- no KISS rule violation

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Get ya a pot and boil dem dogs w/ some crab boil! Turn off the fire when done and just let em soak.
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I smoke them often. I slice through the casing on 4 sides down the length of the dogs so that the smoke penatrates better. Everybody loves them.

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I like that idea !

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You got some good ideas here and I would throw some verity like chedder and jap, Some sausage, etc...
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We don't do that on the other side of the Delaware!

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I'm with BC all the way - smoked dogs - sounds good, something I would try.

Cornholing or playing with bags -sound bad, and somthing I'll never try.

Must be Western definitions throwing me on this one..PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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