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If your going to freeze it I would just wrap it real tight in some plastic wrap trying to get all the air out...then wrap it tight with some freezer paper. If you smoke, use cure with the Citric Acid I would think it would be okay in the refrigerater for a month or two.


Here is a link to LEMs website where I purchase my fibrous casings.


Good Luck!

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Sounds delicious, I gotta try it.  Do you have any guidelines for smokehouse temps and times?  Thanks for the recipe!!

This is what I did with my electric smoker (MES). I started out with 1 hour NO smoke at 140 degrees, damper open. I then bumped the temps up to 160 degrees (damper half open) and smoked with hickory heavy for 5 hours. I had 13 pounds of bologna in my MES and after 6 hours the bologna temp was at 140 degrees. I then filled the water pan in the smoker with boiling water from the stove, and bumped the temp up to 180 degrees and closed the damper. Once the internal temp of the bologna was at 155 degrees I pulled and placed in cold water to cool down.


This was with 100% venison, no mix and it turned out great.

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I just wanna bring this back to life.


This recipe is fairly easy to do.


I made this 2 years ago but cut it down to a 10 lb batch and added more brown sugar. My hang time was about 20 hours.


Somewhere i do have pics of the process.


Here is some cut $ shots. (Its not venison, I just needed to use the casings up)




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Sure looks good to me. I always get confused by this and I know Nepas or someone else can set me straight. What is the difference between  Bologna and Summer sausage? I know what Bologna looks like in the store that pink very finely ground greasy crap but this stuff looks like what I would call summer sausage.

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So glad you revived this Nepas! I do so love me some Lebanon Bologna and these look great! I'm still working on understanding the ECA and citric acid though.

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Ok, I'm sold. This is going on my list to do! I love bologna!

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Summer Sausage


With proper curing SS can be kept with low or no refrigeration. Semi dry or dried, smoked with Lactic Acid tang and course ground.





Fine ground with no large chunks. Most emuslified bologna is either poached or steamed. Some of the Amish smoke the bologna.



If your going to do this recipe just be patient with it. It can take some time. Do a 5 lb batch first.



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I also found this information, which answers alot more questions, including the encaptulated citric acid question.

ENCAPSULATED CITRIC ACID:<SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial; mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt">Use encapsulated citric acid when making summer sausage or snack sticks and that distinctive tang, associated with reduce pH, is desired but the lengthy fermentation cycle is not. When used correctly, it is almost impossible to tell if the sausage was manufactured by fermentation or by the use of this product. There is no need to worry about processing under special conditions. You just add the citric acid to the meat at end of the mixing process (making sure that you do not grind meat again), and then blend into the meat by hand or by mixer. If using a meat mixer, mix only until the encapsulated citric acid is blended into the meat mix, usually about one minute is sufficient. Longer mixing can cause the capsules to rupture resulting in the premature release of the citric acid.
Encapsulated citric acid is citric acid, a naturally occurring acid, that has been encapsulated (coated) with maltodexrine, a hydrogenated vegetable oil, which will melt at 135 degrees F. releasing the citric acid into the meat product.This prevents the citric acid from releasing and prematurely lowering the ph of your sausage meat mix. If the meat’s ph drops before the protein sets at 105-115 degrees you will get a negative effect on the texture of your finished sausage. It won't bind as well and the texture will be crumbly.

Also do not let it set over night b4 smoking as the the capsules may dissolve and rupture, making your sausage very vinegary tasting


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This (Sweet Lebanon bologna) is actually NEXT on my list. I have all the ingredients; just need to set aside some time to actually make the big load.


- Kevin

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i just made some cutting this in half i was a little scared at first being 1/4 from weavers Bologna made me getting a little deter ed i had it out to bloom for at least 2 hours then into the fridge. the next morning didn't taste like it at all 10 hours more in the fridge the taste change for the better. will taste it again today 12.5 is alot of bolgna for my bradley smoker it was to long to hang so i had to rack it. when i try this again real soon i will stuff a whole one leaving some space to half it then ill be able to hang it. 

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