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thermometer broke

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I got a taylor wireless thermometer a while back from walmart. Piece of chit lasted 2 smokes. Anyway Im doing a chuckie, and some pulled pork tommorow and I could check it manually but thats a pain. Ace hardware carries weber digital thermometers. I would like some reviews, anyone use these. I know we have alot of maverick fans, and I would order one, but I have some meat to smoke lol.
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I got a Weber thermometer and have been using it for at least 5 years now... I got no problem with them! They got a reset button on the receiver and the sending unit if you have a problem with it down the road!

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ok thanks i will go get it tommorow morning, i think they were 30 dollars, so not to bad.
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I have one and it works flawless so far, I've had it 4-5 months and use it at least once a week.
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I was going to go pick one up, and then I changed my mind and ordered the maverick 73. But thanks for the replys I appreciat it.
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