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Csmith was it pretty easy to install the atomic gasser into your gourmet? I kinda like the idea of that. How hot can it get? Does it hold temps in the higher as well as lower range well? How does it do in colder temps like in winter?
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Here are the mods I did to my gourmet, the top vent is from a weber and can be ordered online to seal the lid I used a BGE gasket also available online.

good luck
contact me if you have questions
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What did you use to cut the holes for the vent??
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I used a hole saw avaliable an any hardware store it will fit any standard drill
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Have you checked you local Craigslist? You maybe able to get one used for little or nothing. I found one for free, but I gave it to my sister when I got my Charbroil.
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dribron.....I have a brinmann gourmet modded out and it is a little smoking machine.If you can't afford a WSM you might consider a char-broil double chef smoker for $69.It is a wsm knock off.I oreded one and it is suppose to be here today.You probably paid that much for your brinkmann.
Check it out at and type in char-broil double chef smoker.If you haven't done anything to your smoker you might get a refund.Check it out .
Good luck......JJ
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There are a few on craigs but they are not far new prices, and a few over what I can pay new. All are the smoke n' grill. SO most likely I will buy the gourmet, it is only 59.00 at lows.
The hole drill? You mean to drill holes's in doors and such? Will that work okay on metal? I guess I'll need just the hole bit, or what ever it is called, some tin, or alunimum, and tin snips. It just might be possible. I'm thinking of picking it up tomarow, and with luck will have it ready for a test run by friday, or saterday.icon_question.gif
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dribron.......I have one that i modified and it is a good smoker,but if you want a WSM check out and type in char-broil double chef smoker.I have been researching them and on amazon and it is a knockoff of the WSM.Mine is suppose to be here today!!!!

good luck......JJ
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That should have been sorry about that.
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Follow the link the one you will need is the v-burner great price and super customer service. It drops right in the pan I was lucky and found a second charcoal base so I can do both at the same time, but it would only take about 2 min to change over.

Temps it will do most anything 325 is the most I have held (to bake bread camping) In the winter I use a wind block or pile up the snow on gas or propane that is an ECB thing. But I use mine in any weather. I also have a big golf umbrella to keep rain off, cools the outside a lot. BTW the adjustment is top notch I can hold to a degree or two with the needle valve.
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Nice, I think I might go with that, when funds permit it. That might make for a pretty affordable gasser. Not that they are all that expensive, still too much for me. This way I can do littel by littel untill I have her going. Hopfully before winter I will have a ecb gasser that will pull me threw the winter. I hate not being able to smoke in the winter. But here with temps in the below 10-20 or colder deg, char just will not do. Thought about the gourmet electric, but I reallly do not think it will hold up in the winter, and I am not loving the red color. I'm much more of a dark/earth tone kinda guy... lol I did check the site, pretty nice being able to convert for under 70.00. In the mean time I guess I'll have a littel work getting her modded out.

Thank you all so much for the help. As I go along I am sure I'll have more questions... Hope to get her tomarow if time permits.
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How long does a tank of gas last you?
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Not sure total time has to be 40+ hours at least. Even in the winter, as soon as I think it feels light I swap it out to my camper that has an auto switch over (two tanks).

Best tip for when you order the gas unit ..get some wood chunks at the discount rate. I got peach which is hard to find this far north. His chunks fit perfect in a soup can and make great smoke. Very easy to adjust amount of smoke too.

Also feel free to pm me with any questions.
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looking on craigslist yesterday morning I seen a ecb gourmet electric for 25.00, in a town near by me, so I picked it up at lunch. It was still in the box, never put together. Guess it was a preasant that was never made use of.. Shame. I got it together, cured it, the dang thing heats up to over 350.00 with out the water pan.
I am already looking towards ordering the conversion for it next week. In addittion to the what will I need to get it up and running? Also will I need to mod a vent on the top? I'm guessing vents wont be needed on the bottom with gass, or electric. As for temp I have a maveric that works well for the meat and smoker temp.
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Csmith, did you do the conversion on the gourmet char, or the electric? I ended up with an electric, due to a great deal on craigslist, and am wondering if I will need to add a damper on the top sence it doesn't have one.
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Thank you for the link. Not shure if I can do all of that, but I'll give it a shot. Thank you!
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That is an amazing link! I will be doing some of those things to mine soon.
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