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Question about brinkman ECB smokers

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I was in lowes the other day and seen the brinkman gourmet,(green one) and the smoke n' grill. From what I can read on the box they have about the same specs, but the price is about double for the gourmet. What is the difference between the two?
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All I know is I use the crap out of my ECB!!!! Its been a great little smoker...
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I had a ECB then went to a UDS. The TBS was the same but the UDS works better. Either way make sure you have BEER!
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I second the UDS. Spend a little time and make yours. I smoked a pork shoulder yesterday for 9 hours and a whole chicken. I let the temp go after I finished smoking the meat and it went on at temp, about 235 or so, for 13-14 hours. That is about 9lbs, at the beginning only, of charcoal with a set it and forget it. I had the ECB and it is a pita to keep at temp and refuel compared to the UDS. GO with the UDS!
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my first store bought was the cheap ecb. i needed more space a couple weeks later and picked up the gourmet version. the later is a much better way to go, plus i found that if you stack the cheapo on top of the gourmet it makes a great unit especially for smoking fish. but if you have to choose one get the gourmet charcoal. it does a great job.
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So do you feel that the gourmet holds temp better than the cheaper one?
I do like the ides of building a UDS but just do not have the tools, or skills needed to pull that off.
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Believe me, you have the skills! If you have a drill and a home store, you can do it. Trust me.
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We'll I don't really belive that that is true in my case. Regardless I just do not have the room for a 50lb drum. But who knows maybe one day before I am done in this place...lol
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I have the gourmet and it holds temp great but you have to modify it. If you are not able to build a uds you might have trouble with the mods.
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We'll maybe it is not for me then...
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The WSM would be perfect but the price is around 300
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Maybe in a year or two, just a bit over what I can even pretend to afford. lol
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If you are ever in Appleton WI I would be glad to do the mods to the gourmet for you.
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Nice offer, very kind of you. I really do not get out there well, ever. But thank you.
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hey dribon, do not not know if this will help, but I have a vertical gas brinkman from home depo and love it. I now it is not the top of the line but I get good smokes and everyone loves what I make. I would love to have a uds, but where I live it is agaist the law to even do the burn out. It is a big fine to burn leaves much less a barrell. So get what you can afford and enjoy. Good luck
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My smoker started life as a brinkman gourmet also have had several ECB's the air flow into the fire is much better with the gourmet better yet if you do a super simple mod of adding an extra grate to lift up the coals a bit and let in more air. I like that you lift the whole thing to add fuel on the gourmet and if you want to upgrade later a propane kit like mine, link in my signature line, can't be beat.
This is a great portable or starting smoker (I want a bigger one) I take mine camping and it stores in a small space in the garage. Get one a experiment with it you won't be disappointed at all.
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I have a green brinkman gourmet , it was my first smoker and I actually have done a few mods to it over the paster year and it chugs along pretty well. I looked at both like you did and felt the gourmet was built a little better , just my oponion though. It is a great smoker to start out with and I did several great smokes on her as I was learning. hope this helps

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Hell, if you lived close to me, I would give you my ECB. I can't imagine even using it again after using the uds. All you would need would be handles and an aftermarket temp gauge.
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Picked up a drill today, and plan on picking up the gourmet tomarow. It might take me a while to get the needed mods done on it, simply because I do not know what was used to cut out the holes for the vents, or how to make a vent cover like many I have seen done. Hopfully in the end I will pull it off without completly distroying the gourmet....icon_rolleyes.gif
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