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I did it! 1st Brisky on an overnighter!

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Here is the meat from Sam's. 8.37 lbs.

Out of the pack with a mustard slather and some rub. Also, CBP, Garlic Powder, and Cracked Salt. First timer, so I used toothpicks to guide the grains.

Put her on around 6:30. Here she is with some hickory, mesquite, and lump around midnight. I used Coca-Cola for a spray.

I haven't done this in a while...right on the money in a pot of boiling water!

And here it is just before foiling.

And, the moment of truth! Slice time! I let it rest in the oven for a couple of hours after it hit 195* Sorry for the crappy quality, this is with my blackberry.

This turned out amazing! Thanks for looking!
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WoW, looking good,,,I usually eat around 6:30 but know is a good time...I'll bring the bun...Nice job. points.gif
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Awesome looking brisket. Nice job....points.gif
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Looks delicious!
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looks awesome man! I'm doing mine on saturday and was wondering if you'd recommend foiling it. I like the tenderness of foiling, but I like the bark equally as much. I have the same controversy with butts and ribs.
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Great looking brisket, nice bark....points.gif
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Thanks for the comments. This one had some great bark. I foiled it around 175* and left it in the foil wrapped up to rest. You should give it a try...if you like good bark, just foil later.
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YAH HOO now thats a great looking brisky for sure and you did a great job for your first time so you have some points.giffor pulling off your first big smoke. Now the family I'm sure has some really good things to say to you too.
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wow great job well done
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What was the overall cook time on the smoker?

Looks great!
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Great looking brisket there!

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Beautiful Brisket.
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That's one beautiful brisket. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I was going to give you points.gif anyway for the overnighter but after looking at the pics, I wish I could give you double points.gif for the overnighter AND the awesome outcome. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Rock on! points.gif I have yet to do one yet, I now have the tool (UDS) to minimize the potential of a zombie beer drinking watch. What was total time over smoke?
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I don't have an accurate cook time for this one, unfortunately. I had a wedding party to go to. I loaded up the box with coals and thought I could leave it for a couple of hours. Came back and it was out.
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