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Cured hams

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I had my first pig butchered and I had a couple of hams cured I believe they are just salt cured. What I want to know is would it be ok to still smoke them? Or would it be too salty?
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People around here double smoke hams all the time. great stuff. I use a basic pork rub on the outside, and smoke at 230 to 240 until the ham is 145 internal. When the ham is at 130 I start putting on a glaze of Honey, Pineapple juice, and ground cloves. 3 or 4 applications is enough. This is also assuming that the ham was not only cured but was cooked as well before you got it.
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If I were you I would find out how they were cured, with just salt or with nitrates. Salt brining is not cured.
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I called Keeters meat co and he told me it had a maple sugar cure with nitrates.
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Heat throuroghlyto 140*-145* ~~~ Lightly smoke...Lightly. Cool and slice!

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