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Material for grate?

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I have an old homemade drum smoker that my neighbor built. It has not been used much (enoughbiggrin.gif) and the grate is extremely rusted.

Is the rust anything to worry about?
Is there a reasonable way to clean it up?
Should I replace it?

I haven't done any measurements yet, but I think it is a 55 gallon drum that the grate needs to fit. Where can I find the material to make a new grate if necessary?

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Sometimes I use expanded metal.... it can be found at Ace Hardware. Another option is just buying a new grate. They can be purchased at walmart or Ace...
Measure your drum first to make sure it will fit.
Rust can be a pain to clean. lol I know that a wire brush and a lot of elbow grease will get it. Also a sand blaster...
New grates are pretty cheap.
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Yep...what Jeanie said PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I will probably have to go the expanded metal route. I don't think any factory grates will fit the design.

I'll check the local Ace.

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By grates, you mean just the cooking grates? If its a 55 gal drum a Weber replacement grill grate will work. Something like this...
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It's a drum on it's side. The barrel is cut in half and the entire top half lifts for access (not a lid cut in the center)
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I see. Then yeah, i would say expanded steel is your best bet. You can buy it in sheets ar a Lowes, Home Depot...etc, or probably even your local hardware. Get a heavier guage to last you. You can cut it with tin snips if you need to cut to fit.
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