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2nd Real Smoke - 12lb Turkey

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Well I decided to brine beforehand because I was too hung over to sit with a smoker when the turkey was thawed out.... (I have the week off, wife off on trip)...I used the 2 gal water and 2 cups kosher salt, 3 tsp cure #1, 1 cup brown sugar, fresh herbs brine, boiled it - cooled it - injected the brine in about a dozen places then plopped the bird in the brine bucket and put it in the downstairs beer fridge for 1 1/2 days. After that, I Placed the drained bird in refrig over night and smoked it today at around 215F for around 5 hrs when the thigh temp was around 170F. Smoke was light and definately wispy and blue curling out lazily from the chimney and not billowing. I didnt baste it either tho I could have from the dripping pan juices.. which I gave to the dog.

Tasted outstanding and looked very nice. I didn't use a rub this first time cause I wanted to taste the smoke. The cure gave it that hammy taste which reminded me of the Russian smoked chicken I ate while over THERE some 3 or 4 times. Overall I am satisfied with the results. Whata ya think?

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Excellent picture! Flash?

Great looking bird too PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm not sure if the flash was set. Pretty sure it was tho. Sun was about 12:00 from bird so I tried to get the quasar like reflection out of the lense by croutching down. Thanks for your compliment.. I thought it would have been darker but I made sure that the smoke remained light throughout the process.... Now on to red and white meat...LOL

Bob M
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That is one nice looking bird!! Nice color and juicy too, your second smoke??
If so its hard to tell.
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Good looking bird!
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Three of my favorite teams: Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs & Whoever plays against DALLAS!!!

Good looking bird. Good job on that color as well. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great idid my first breast on charcoal ecb box temps got away
but not as juicy looking as that kudos
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Thanks for all the praise.... Yeah, it was my second time. Guess I got lucky. I'm glad I had the remote thermo when it rose to 245 from holding at 223. The water pan was empty..... So now I know what the pan does.. LOL

Bob M
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That is one pretty bird. If it tastes a good as it looked, you had one great meal.icon_smile.gif
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Looks like a great smoke. Good job.
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tasty looking bird, great job points.gif
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Nice job on the bird. Looks great.
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Great looking turkey! I have one in my freezer I'm going to brine and smoke. I've heard it makes for a great bird -- looks like your results support that.

See -- who said Browns fans and Steelers fans can't get along?!?!?!

points.gif For a great brined bird....
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