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Brisket w/QVIEW

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My 1st brisket smoke over hickory on a WSM.

Since that smoke I have done 4 briskets and they are all excellent. I notice in my area the price has risen $1.00 per lbs since 3 weeks ago. And yesterday I bought 2 whole butts for a $1.19 a lbs and today I bought 2 more and they were $1.29 a lbs.

Anyway, Thanks for lookin' RP
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To everyone I did 1 pic 2 times on accident I'll post the final pic in awhile
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wow that looks great i think im going to do one in few weeks.
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looks excellent! Bummer about the rising prices though
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not a bad job there.
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Those price increases do sux bad but you have a greatt looking brisket here and nowpoints.giffor you first and I'm sure not your last. But you might have to get a second job to afford it thou.
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif with fuel prices up and going higher I think meat prices are gonna keep going up to
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That had to be good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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