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Finished my first UDS from Austin TX

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Howdy guys,

I finished my first UDS the other night and smoked my first pork butt.

Check it out on my blog and let me know what ya think.
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Come on man can't you supply us with a little data???Hahaha! Smoker looks great and so does the chow, nice job!
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HA! yeah.. It was my first smoke and I wanted to be thorough.
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Cool UDS, but it's not at all ugly. The pulled pork looks great.

What part of Austin? We're in Great Hills, and I thought I smelled some good smoking this past weekend. might have been my ham. biggrin.gif
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We are in the area between Onion Creek and Bluff Springs.

Any pictures of the ham?! I've always baked my ham, but now I am itching to smoke one.
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Yep, just haven't posted them....yet. It was my first, and I used a pre-cooked spiral sliced. I make my own glaze with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and dark brown sugar. It was delicious and fed a large crowd. Only a little was left for next day sammies.
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Well everything from your Uds and the butt looks really good and I better that smoker will be getting a good workout here soon with the weather getting warmer now.
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mballi3011, thanks for the kind words. I'm doing some split chicken breasts tonight.
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Great job!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks guys. I noticed there isn't any fan pages on facebook for the UDS, so I created one. Need to iron out the direction, but should be a great place to chat about the UDS.
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Nice UDS!! I just finished my first one a week or so ago...I Love it!!! what is the dia. of your charcoal basket?
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Great job! Thanks for all the info. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job, very informative, nice pics of smoker points.gif
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looks like it turned out awesome,both the UDS and the butt.
I love the CHOW CHARTS.points.gif
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10" I think. Its a weber charcoal replacement grate.
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Thanks for the kinda response guys. I did some pork ribs with the 3-2-1 method yesterday and they turned out awesome. Need a knife to cut your ribs? Not at my house! Finger licking good..
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Well now that just amazes me ......I am just a common man... Great job.
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That is some really great data. I have heard over and over how the UDS keeps the temp rock solid all day without any fidgeting, but until your post, I have not seen any real data to support that.

Looks like the temp rises and drops, and you do have to fidget with the valves and stuff like other smoker types.

If you are interested in running more experiments, you might also indicate how many times you opened the lid and stirred the charcoal, also what effect just opening the lid and not stirring the charcoal has.
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Points to you on your UDS build, data, and great pulled pork. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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