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contest entry was fun to make with Q

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Now I did enjoy making my first ever raviolis. I have made a good amount of pastas but never raviolis. So here we go with from scratch with alittle mess from the flour and then alittle rolling with the machine.

Then you start out smoking a bird to the golden brown we all know.

Then you add some other ingredients like the Garlic, Cream cheese, onions, pecorino cheese. Mix it well and then into a piping bag for filling.

And you have to get all the air out so they don't explode on you while cooking.

Now you let them dry while you clean up I guess. At Least that what the wife said.

Into the boiling pot of salted water. Till they float they say???
Then you'll have seen the finished product but I can say that you didn't get to taste them but they were really good and I will be doing this again really soon to.

Thanks for looking and you should give it a try it's not the hard well maybe the kneading was a little tiring but it is all worth the end product.
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I bet they were fantastic!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Definitely worthy of many points.gif
Not only were the ravioli homemade AND contained smoked chicken but chipotles as well, that works for me!
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Wow. You are fantastic!!!
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Beautiful looking ravs! Thanks for sharing the process, that was quite impressive and I can only imagine they tasted great! My wife loves to make ravioli, so this may be one where we combine our efforts, but I'm definitely trying these.
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Ecellemt dish, great fresh flavors to thrill the taste buds. Congratulations my friend. I wish they could serve something like that at my fav Italian restauarant. Points to you.
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Thats great always like something from scratch...especially those..
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Those are some great looking Ravioli's. Thanks for the tutorial. points.gif
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love the ravilois, why dont you send a plate to the south please!
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While looking at your pasta delite I noticed that chop board. Is that a outdoor vehicle and if so how long is the drag strip? icon_smile.gif
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looks great! love fresh pasta and the time put into makin fresh ravs arewell worth it.........nice job!
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They Look Great... Great Job...points.gif
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