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Looking for a list of what used to rub fatty with

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Like the title says...I'm gona attempt my first Fatties this weekend on Saturday...I'll do 3 for my first me luck(Yes I will do QView)

I have seen here that you all are putting a rub on the Fatty and I would like to know here what it was.

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Many people just use whatever rub they normally use and others don't use any rub at all
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Do one naked so you have a baseline on what a fattie tastes like. Add your favorite rubs to the other two. Have fun!
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Rubs are optional on fatties. I think it might be more common NOT to use them, but if you want to any rub you would use for a pork butt or ribs would be fine. Good luck with your first fatties, and we're all looking forward to the qview.

Way to dive right in and do three at once too! Are you doing three of the same, or three different ones? If you have an idea of the fillings you will use, we might be better able to suggest a rub to complement each one.
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I don't rub mine. That is a thought. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

I was only concerned about what I used to put into the fattie.
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I am going to do the bacon wrap on each...what do you think about brown sugar rubbed on the bacon? at least on one of them anyway.

I'm thinking of one being filled with:
Chicken, Swiss and or Mozzarella, and Garlic.

for the second:
Onion, Mushroom, Garlic, Green Pepper, Chicken, Cheese(haven't decided what kind yet), Potato, and maybe Ranch Dressing

Third one is still up in the air so maybe you all could suggest filling for the 3'rd one with a Brown Sugar rub for this one.
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Those sound great. All of them. Be careful to not over fill them or they won't roll properly. Either that or use 2 lbs of sausage for that second one. I would really love to see the qview on those guys. (The link in my sig will help with qview if you are unsure of how to do it.) Good luck. Looking forward to the qview.
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I should have mentioned that I'm gona make a Fatty Piston(as per cowgirls plans) to stuff those bad boys icon_smile.gif
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How about for the 3rd Fatty
Ham, Scrambled Eggs, Chedder or colby jack, Maybe rub the bacon with brown sugar and cajon seasoning.

How does that sound?
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Now it sounds like you have done alot of research of the fattie. Now I would make them just like you said but do alitle differant things to some of them. Like bacon on a couple and one without. then you can use maybe hamburger on one too. Then use a rub on one and then a differant rub on another then. I would try all sorts of stuff then you will have a bunch of differant one those chose you favorite kind of faties. That is one of ther good things about a fattie is there is no set way to make them. Really nothing is here.
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thi is my rub that I use on just about everything now
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