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2010 owensboro ky bbq festival!

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I will probably swing down at least once. I know I have a wedding to attend on that Sat, but other than that i should be free for the weekend.
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its here!

yea, i have a wedding also at 5 oclokc wonder if its the same one? im alredy smeelin the smoke!.
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No executive inn

The last time I was at bbq fest John Bays has some bands at the E,

I have a meeting in Henderson on Friday, it could give me a good excuse to swing by whitakers and the BBQ fest before heading back to northern IL for mothers day.
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Anybody make it over there?

I was just wondering if any locals got to go to the bb fest and how it was.

I got hung up too long in henderson and was unable to get over there.
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