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Ham flavoured chicken

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Ok so I threw a chicken into a ham brine (Cause i had a spare chicken out) I smoked it with a mix of hickory and maple. Now I have this awesome tasting hamicken and no clue as to what to do with the leftovers. Any ideas here?

Thanx for any ideas
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Sounds good, I'd make some kind of salad out of it, or use it for sandwiches.
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Make some chicken salad. Call it Whammy Hammy thrill your Mammy chicken salad......

Sounds good to me anyway!
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Everything is great on a tortilla. How about a chammy taco?
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In the winter I make soup out of the leftover smoked chicken pieces..
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Chicken chili sounds good.
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If it is "hammy" then how about a pizza, maybe Hawaiian themed with pineapple and the chicken or the chicken with some pickled jalapenos or sweet peppers and some smoky cheddar cheese?
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I have to go with the:
Whammy Hammy Thrill Your mammie Chicken Salad Sammie
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Now HOW did I miss Sammie?!?!?!?! Excellent addition! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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