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Freezing a rubbed shoulder?

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I got up this morning at 3 a.m. to gorgeous 65 degree weather, got the big block fired up and just as I'm getting the sweet smoke from my pecan around 3:45, the sky opened up and started to rain. Next I saw a flash, then the boom. Mr. thunder and lightning decided to come to the party. Now I don't mind smoking in the rain, but when it comes to lightning, in the interest of safety, I shut it down. I would have put the canopy up quickly, but didn't want to be out there holding what equates to many lightning rods. So now, I've got a 7 lb shoulder all rubbed up, but now I'm not going to be able to smoke it for another 5-6 days. Has anyone ever froze a rubbed shoulder for later?
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It will freeze and thaw well, you will have to rub a little more on the shoulder after thawing it
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Yep - no worries - throw that bad boy in the deep freeze and live to smoke another day.
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I thought as much, but thought I'd enlist the advice of others. Thanks everyone, didn't want to have to throw away a perfectly good butt!
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