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6.9 quake hits Northern Mexico

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Just reported in to CNN, 6.9 magnitude quake hits Northern Mexico and could be felt in the L.A. regions of CA.

To our friends out west, please let us know if you are ok. Thoughts and prayers to anyone affected by this.

CNN Link
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hope it hit in a desolate area
i'll take a hurricane any day over an earthquake
at least you can get ready for a hurricane
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My wife and I were in the Home Depot in Temecula CA when this one hit. I have been thru these all my life and in the 60's was on the 13th floor so during a quake so I do not panic. We were in the paint section and when I felt the first roll I grabbed the wife and pulled her into an open aisle - the clerk and his other customer moved over right under a rack full of paint buckets - I pointed out the error of their ways and they quickly joined us - Home Depot started to evacuate the store due to the 2 aftershocks that hit but decided they need the $$$ more LOL icon_rolleyes.gif
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Yes I heard that today ans the news here is saying that alot of people didn't even feel it in LA. But they are used to them and alot of the buildings are designed to take to shaking. But I'm glad that everyone is Ok so far.
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It was felt here in Tucson-no injurys or damage.
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It has been update to a 7.2 mag.
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Yea we felt it here in corona ca. It was the biggest shake we have had in a while but I doubt caused any damage.
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I was in the I think it was 1990 one around San Jose 7.2...bummer
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