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Arizona ABT Holder

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Stopped by a friends welding shop and saw his grandson working on something. He didn't think I would know what it was. I thought it was cool so $20 later I got my own.

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I got mine from Iron Desert...

A bit more expensive though. Nice score.
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those are very cool!
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Looks great. What size are the holes. I can get scrap steel and have more hole saws than I really need.

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Mine is a bit rougher than The Iceman's. W/out asking on mine, I'm guesssing he used a quarter as a template. Iceman - Go Devils!
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I did mine with a 1/2(7/8) KO, also have 1 with a 3/4(1 1/8)KO for the bigguns.
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Mine is made of stainless & the holes measure just over 1 inch, about 1 1/16.
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Thanx everyone for the help. I'm gonna make one of these.
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In the shape of Minnesota?
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I made mine from old pie-tins. holes measure 3/4 to 1 1/4.
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Now those racks look really cool and all but I like mine Abt's cut in the boat shape for more filling and more of them too.
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