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Again, (my mistake) but I found the thread, which means, other people are not reading the threads in the entire fourm.

It's in "SMF NEWS" Dated 03/30/2008 by Tulsa Jeff.
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If you want to see actual bashing then you have to go to the "other" forums. We don't allow that here.

This thread may not have been necessary but once it was made public, it has been handled properly and it has been very orderly.

Anyone who can't see the humor in a problem thread becoming a "good thing" has a broken funny boneicon_smile.gif
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talk dirty

jeff if i talk bad bount you and smf and act augle will
you give me a GIFT CERTIFICATE i need a temperature gauge from amazon lol

just kidding
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Well here comes some more of my .2 . I am new here and very enexperenced about smoking meat, but I have learned so much the short time that I have been here. You just cant beat this site when it comes to smoking and cooking meat and other things. The people are GREAT !!!! And 15 bucks ant gonna break any body to have such a great place to spend some quality time doing and learning what you like to do..
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X 2 should have done it long ago.
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I can truely say that when you see GREEN that person really supports this forum !!!!!!!!!
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Excellent response Jeff! The integrity of SMF is exemplary. Since we are both so close to one another, I would love to meet some day, as schedules allow. Lunch is on me! Thanks again for all your hard work... - Steve
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Sorry fellas but my $5 bucks is going toward meat for my smoke today and the other $10 bucks on a 12pk of bud lite. icon_redface.gif
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Careful with that statement .... OTBS members, Mods, and Admins may be "premier" members but their other status overrides the green.

With the tough economic times, $15 may be a lot of money for some people. May be the difference between a small pork roast for their family to eat, or a status on a forum.

Just my $.02
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Personally I have no requirement for the extras you get with the premier mambership but I do own and operate a couple web sites that are too free to the public including a forum. It takes allot of time and some cash to put these sites up and maintain them. Folks tend to use these websites without realizing what the owners and supporting folks go through to keep them running. Including me...

In my humble opinion, small price to pay for a respectful forum environment with quality memmbers and quality data.

I'm happy to be a new "2 Year Premier" member. And look up... "Wingman" looks good in green!
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Ya know, there be alotta ways ta support this forum, alotta knowledge an experience is freely given to help out newbies an old timers alike (recipes an experience alike). Do we ask anything back for it? No. I'm here ta share some a the ways what er steadily bein lost, can ya put a price tag on that? No, an I don't. I like ta help folks out what er wantin ta learn, do it safely an with respect. That be what the forum should be all about.

There er many different styles here, old school ta what them youngins call new wave. Way it should be. Green should not enter inta the equastion, not everbody has the money ta spend at every site they visit er join.

I don't think a forums quality an knowledge should be about money. There be folks here what wanna be Premiere members, that be great, but let's not deminish the folk what ain't, they got there reasons just as yall do for bein green members. Everbody has somthin ta share.

Personally, I think we've covered this whole subject an even wondered away from what it was really about.

Jeff, ya got a great site, lots of good knowledge here an folks what wanna learn it an share it.

Lets put this one ta bed now shall we?

I relinquish the soap box.

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I appreciate everyone who supports this forum. I do NOT want anyone giving support to this forum who cannot truly afford it.

If you are laid off work, on SS or barely getting by and it hurts to support the forum then I would rather see you use the money at home.

I have always believed that good people and good things have a way of surviving the worst of circumstances.. I feel blessed to have such a great crowd of folks on this forum.

I don't care what anyone says, there is more knowledge, care, creative ability, loyalty and friendliness on this site than on any other forum. You guys are GREAT!!

For those of you who are here from other small, wannabe, spin-off sites and your only goal is to spread negativity, I know who you are and I know what you write on other forums. Don't come here and act like you are one of us.

Be a true member of the family on every forum you are on and if you can't be that then do the only decent thing and go somewhere else.

Be a proud member of the greatest forum on earth. YOU are what makes this forum GREATPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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This is a true statement. But there are so many folks here that are not green that truly support Jeff and all the rest of us and to them and Jeff I am thankful for this is a great site and most of the folks on it are also. I agree lets put this one to bed and move on to more inportant things like good smokes and photos.
Thank you all
Ronnie G.
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I can see some folks not wanting to support this form with money. They want all the freebies but do not want to kick in a few bucks to keep all of this great free stuff on line. And it does cost real green money to keep this forum on line where we can get all of this free advice. This is the best smoking forum hands down and I think that all of you will agree on that statement and it has been given to us without any demands for money and that is all the more reason its members should support it with a few bucks. Just think about how many hours each of us spend on line here and how we cant wait to get home to go on line and see what has happened since we last left. One day there may be a little sign here when we pull it up that says SORRY THIS SITE IS UNAVAIBLE . Now how many of you would be calling Rick and say HEY MAN I WILL SEND YOU 15 BUCKS if it will help you get back on line.
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I am going to lock this forum until things die down a bit. It is not a bad thread and has a lot of good posts in it but I feel like it is heading in a direction that is counter productive.

Let's take a breather from it for a bit.

I appreciate everyone who support with their money and those who support by helping. It takes all of it to make a forum of this size work.
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