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I just sent my premier membership also, but have to wait since its Pony Express. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Finally figured out pay pal so Ihave joined also. I get way more then 15 costs me.
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If the problem is setteled an everbody be happy, lets put it ta bed an get back ta smokin stuff!

No sense in stirrin up any trouble, nice place here, let's keep it that way. Just my two coppers on the deal.
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Agreed Tip!
But for those reading this thread, becoming a premier member does nothing but benefit everyone on this board.
I for one did not even know about membership until I read the original post.
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Mnbill I just went through your posts and you are a stand up guy too. Just let things roll and I'm sure it will blow over.You have contributed allot all ready and I for one would not like to see this rune a good thing.Stay with us I ( we ) need your input .Just think how many guys (myself included )haven't even helped with the cost of this site.I will when I get this ship I'm on turned around .Hang in there I and others have all learned from this and we will be stronger for it.Bill in MN
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I agree.. all of us have gotten upset a time or two and maybe said something that we really did not mean.

I try not to take things like this personally.. I saw a real problem and did what I could to try and fix it. I hope there are no hard feelings on anyone's part.

I do appreciate all of the support this thread has been responsible for.. that never hurts especially when the bills come due every month. Our private server is pretty fancy and it costs a bit.

For those of you who remember how slow it was back on the old server.. it is 1000% better now.

Just thought you guys might like to know what your membership pays for.

I know Brian is happier without all the headaches of that old turtle of a server we had beforeicon_mrgreen.gif
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I am a new guy here and I signed up shortly after I saw what all that I was getting for free and was also suprised to see that so many members were not premier members. Man I got 15 bucks my first night of reading I mean 15 bucks...give me a break what a deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant see any member not forking up 15 bucks for all of this but that is just my .2 cents. And do not mean to stept on any toes...
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This place is doing fine as far as I'm concerned. I could be watching cake building!!!!!!rolleyes.gif
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This thread has generated about $200 for SMF. I love it !!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade...........


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Keep bumping this up may be will get more members forking up 15 bucks..
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It has been commented on at least once per hour (viewed much more than that), is a bump really needed? Not trying to be an @$$, but if you allready have smoke, why add more chips?
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Paid Bump!
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Hell now ya did it ill be making a payment also.lol
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Because I think that we need a BIG SMOKE on this one !!! Till we see all GREEN. I beleive this forum is worth it !!!!!!!!
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the way I see it this forum has cost me 300 bucks now in mods, and meat cuz the wife wants me to smoke stuff for her all the time icon_mrgreen.gif

but its worth it and when I get working again I will definatly be sending in my 15 bucks..

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Can't believe you grown people. The original poster had a legal "bitch" about something between him and Jeff. Getting no response from Jeff or the mods, he brought it to light via the forum. Now the issue has been remidied. End of subject! No - no ... ya gotta bash the gentleman, and then capitalize on the whole issue. What a new and revised forum ... hope your proud of yourselfs. Because I'm not proud of you. Just my 2 cents.

PS: You won't be getting $15.00 from me ...
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Your correct that Bill and Jeff settled their issue and this needs to go away.

GOD BLESS AMERICA where we can voice our opinions!!!

Peace Be With You My Friend! smile.gif

Todd Johnson

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yes ... I have read every post in this thread ... Apparently, (my mistake) before the crash, there was a thread concerning the "premier membership" apparently it was not put back on the forum. Although ... on every page of this forum, on the left hand side there is a "Support SMF" listing.
My thought ... when the problem was resaolved, this thread should have been "CLOSED". This should not have continued.
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AGREE 100%!!!

Can this be closed before it gets out-of-hand?

It's waaay tooooo easy to misunderstand words!

I just bumped up my other post for "Premier Membership"


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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