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Pissed off royally  

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I'm not a happy camper at all tonight and I dont expect this thread to stay up long tonight but today SMF stole 15 dollors again from me this is the 2nd year in a row .last yearI personnly emailed jeff at least 3 times and left severall post on line never hearing back I finnally gave up .That was off my creditcard,this year He went and charged my wifes Paypal account He sure didnt have permission to do that.JEFF I WANT MY MONEY BACK.Bill Nygaard ,minnbill.
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I think you should look at the bottom of the current thread page where it has the Premier Member info and you will find a notice from Jeff that says Paypal deducts it automatically and tells you to go in and stop it if so desired and if you need help with doing that to contact him. I think you could do this through a PM instead of trying to start crap in the forum as well
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Same kind of response I got from you last year.after 3 emails to him I gave up.he never even got our paypal info from me its my wifes account and we cant even accsess it .this is Bull 2 years in a row
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Bill you might want to read the bottom of the subscription page and you will see that it is ongoing.

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I cancelled it last year I have not been back to this site since I dont even know where to look or go anymore I just want out for 2 years now Ban me and take me out of your system.I'm rocking your boat till it sinks here.
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Go into your paypay account and cancel it. Jeff nor anybody other than you or your wife can do that.
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Sounds like a personal problem to me.

You need to contact Paypal, get back into the account, and cancel the annually recurring subscription.
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it is weird why Jeff wouldn't answer you....Maybe try one more time. he might now
I did try to contact him about mine and had no luck but I was able to get mine resolved...
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I sent Jeff a PM with a link to this thread I'm sure you will here from him when he gets back on the site I don't pretend to know his schedule but I can assure you he will attempt to take care of this.
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I have known you for quite a number of years.. not personally but you have been on the SMF since way back. I think you know that the SMF does not do business like what you are claiming.

Enough said on that.

I have canceled your subscription and refunded your $15 payment from the automatically recurring subscription.

I did finally find an email from last year where you asked me to cancel the subscription and I somehow missed the email. I am no stranger to missing email, it just happens.

I get a lot of it and unfortunately I don't have a secretary and I am sure my method is not the best in the world. For that I am sorry and I will be sending you a $15 Gift certificate to to cover your $15 payment from last year. If you would rather have cash, let me know in a PM or email in the next day or so and I can get that to you as well outside of Paypal. Paypal has a 60 day limitation on refunds.

Things like this are best handled in a PM or email instead of airing it in a public place. Just good forum etiquette but I do understand that you are upset and rightfully so to some degree considering this is your 2nd attempt at getting your subscription canceled.

I have had a motto for a long time and I try to bring this into all of my business dealings.. "I would rather have your friendship than your money" and I can assure you that I try to make sure that we live by that. The money is needed to keep the SMF running and I can assure you that there is no "sinking" going on but if money comes between me and making or keeping a friend, the money is no longer an object.

The SMF is doing great and we are sailing right along due to everyone's undying support and love of something that is dear to my heart and my stomach.. smoking meaticon_wink.gif.. for that I am eternally grateful to all of you.

I am sorry that things like this have to sometimes be brought to the surface but it does serve to show that all of us are a little human sometimes.. we err, we fix the problem, we move on.

It's all goodicon_wink.gif
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Sounds like I missed one of your emails as well..I'm very sorry. Somebody shoot me!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Well said Jeff.
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I am kinda surprised that more members are not premier - I know in the short time I've been on here I sure have gotten more than $15 worth of info!
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You sound like an alright guy, Jeff. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

I was about ready to ditch this whole forum because nobody has responded to my "Easter ham thread" which I believe would be beneficial to everyone here, especially noobs like me.

Thanks for the site, though. I really do appreciate it.
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Like I said it was resolved...I figure you get a couple emails a
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Jeff, you truly are a gentleman. I can definetely say that I have gotten my $15 worth in information, friendship and entertainment (anybody read about the exploding concrete? NO ONE WAS hurt...and you all know you want to see the can't get entertainment like that on TV!!!).
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Very well said. I admire Jeff's motto. Money over friendship.

I agree with this statement as well. I plan on becoming a Premier member in the very, very near future. Just have other financial projects running right now & graduation is just around the corner. With a teenage daughter coming out of high school & one junior moving on to middle school, the clothes allowance has expanded. No excuses though. I pick this site hands down over any other. Since there is no pressure to join, I enjoy the wait. But I agree. $15 for one year & a plethera of info. Unbeatable & fair.
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Give your thread time, it's not Easter yet, no one's got Qview of their Easter smokes to post. I've got a separate thread on mine but it's been over a month in the making from a fresh hog leg to an Easter ham, but once we get through Easter dinner I'll post on your thread as well as follow up on mine too with the Qview and results from the family (my wife being the harshest judge, believe me! icon_mrgreen.gif). Just have a little patience. It's not the forum's fault, just timing.
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I wouldn't take that one personally - happens all the time on all kinds of forums. The main theme of this forum (and other forums on smoking meats) is very broad, your ham questions being a narrow slice of the entire pie. Sometimes we have to realize that what may be on the top of our minds and focus just isn't for everyone else.

That doesn't invalidate or discount your thoughts, questions, or information, it's just how it is. As said above, give it time and don't take it personally. It's just the dynamics of any forum - know what I mean?
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