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Chicken Sausage is The Devil!!!

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Man im geting frustrated with chicken sausage!!! why is it so delicate that it falls apart when grilling and the meat comes out the ends and every damn hole that apeers in the casings?? I knew when i fried a test patty and it wouldn't stay a patty that i was in trouble, is there something im doing wrong? Chicken is a pita!!! Tastes ok but crap!! ohh and the casings were like friggin plastic!!! Good thing i made ten lbs of these bastards!!! damn buffalo chicken!! next time it will be buffalo pork!!!!!
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Not sure I can help with the why but would be more than happy to take a few pounds of your "defective but tasty" sausage icon_mrgreen.gif
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Since you are in Florida, what I have to do I use UPS to fly your chicken out here to me. I will smoke it & inspect it & send back what I don't examine.

Sorry about your troubles. Hopefully someone else with stuffing experience will be along soon to respond to your anguish. Keep your head up!!
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Part of the problem might be how you ground it ...what size plate did you use in your grinder? When I made these links I also thought they could use some kind of binding agent...ie. bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, or my favorite filler or binder,.......crushed up porkrinds!!MMMMM In my expierence grinding chicken too fine causes the meat to just ooze out the ends of the casings. tying each end of each link would certainly work, but what a pain in the tokus!
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Pretty sure you need a binder of some sort for sausage.
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I'm interested in this - I have only made one batch of chicken sausage, but didn't have any issues like you describe.
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did i make a mod mad? i cant post a new topic
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not sure what size plate i used it only came with two sizes and i used the bigger one, looks like 1/4 inch or better
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The lime ones i made from wutangs recipe didnt fall apart like these, i think the oatmeal helped hold them together in his recipe, although i did add oatmeal to this recipe it didn't help maybe i didn't put enough in it, was a last minute thought
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Did you use chicken skin or pork fat?
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no skin, i used bacon for the fat and the more i think about it maybe by marinating it all night in hot sauce which is vinegar based maybe it softened the meat too much?
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Now that marinade could have soften the meat also. What kind of casings did you use??? You said they were hard and the chicken came out of the ends. Did youlet the sausage sit in the frig overnight??? I would like to know because I wanted to make some of that sausage maybe this weekend.
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I just read this in an article about Bangers:

During the early 20th century thanks to two World Wars, meat was scarce in England and pork sausages were padded with some grains and extra liquid to help stretch the meat reserves. When cooked, these padded sausages had the tendency to burst out of their casings and the "banger" was born.

Maybe your sausage busted out of the casing because of the filler oatmeal you added? Maybe you added too much, not too little??
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How does one in general ever know whether or not they added too much filler or too little?
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i guess sausage making is complicated too lol, i like the banger theory,
i let the cut up chicken sit i the marinade over night, then ground, as for the casings its from the same batch i used before then repacked in salt, the first batch they were good.
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You might try soy protein concentrate, good binder, no funky flavors. A cup to 5lbs.
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i just cooked one more as i was freezing them and it did not bust all open, just a little pushed out the ends wich is normal so maybe i cooked them too hot the other day? The casing was still tough so i dont know about that part but maybe i had a bad run on casing the other day, as far as breaking open
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Probably needs some binder. the recipe I used had some bacon in it and I used the soy protein powder (along with some hot Cajun spices, but I digress).

Don't give up!
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hmmm..not sure what to tell ya. I had no probs with mine "pushing out" the ends or busting open. I used 1/4 " plate for the grind. I grilled indirect, pushing them onto the hot side for grill marks.
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When I made chicken sausage for the first time I used boned out leg quarters with skin. Grinding the skin with the meat worked well. The fat also worked well to emulsify the mixture and no binder was needed. I did have a problem when pan frying them. The busted open. I put the rest of the uncooked sausage in the fridge to dry for a few days. That did the trick. The rest cooked up without a problem. And even though I had tied twine at the junctions of the links the twine was only on one end after cutting and no sausage oozed out.
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