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High temp. silicone

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Is High teperature silicone safe to seal holes inside the smoke chamber? If so what kind and where to find it? Thanks for any info.
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Yes you can find hightemp food grade silicone I picked some up localy for my smoke shack. I will have to check and see the brand name but they have it online.
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Restaurant supply stores will also carry it, just saw some yesterday in one.
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The regular kitchen and bath caulk I use has a temp rating of around 600 deg. IIRC. If I exceed those temps I've got bigger concerns than my caulking. I use Dap or GE brand.
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I would try to find one that specifically says "food grade". The standard bath/kitchen stuff might have some nasty off gasing as it heats. Probably not enough to harm you, but why take the chance.
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Been using Rutland 500ยบ RTV High Heat silicone sealant on smokers for many years.

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That is where I found my high temp food grade stuff. I called every hardware store and they had no clue what I was talking about. I finally called a restaurant supply place and they didn't have it but they told me where they buy it in town. Some place I had never hear of before. They should either have some or know where to get some.
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I would like to order some...any body got a site ?
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Daps tech. data bulletin.

"Meets the requirements of FDA Regulation No.21 CFR 177.2600"

This works for me. Don't think I'm taking a chance.
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