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I've seen Cains BBQ spice at Reasor's in Tulsa and Jenks. The market in Jenks had a large assortment of Cains spices.
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Walmart Neighborhood Market. 81st and Sheridan, Tulsa, OK. 12 oz, $4.38.
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Hi, I am trying to find where to purchase Cain's Meat Seasoning with tenderizer, the plain Cain's tenderizer and Cain's white pepper in bulk.  I used to get it from a local Cain's coffee rep, but they no longer service our area.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Mike Butler

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Saw both at in our markets in Tulsa but the 12oz is the biggest size they would offer.
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This morning 6/13/13 I bought a 7 Lb Gourmet Hickory Rub for $34.07 from Farmers Brothers. Seamed high to me? Is there anyplace I can buy it at a lower price? I live in KC Mo. Jim Larimore

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Try Farmers Brothers

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Can you please send me the name and number of your cains distributor sales rep???? I have not been able to locate one....thanks so much

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Cain's also used to make a fantastic Blackened seasoning they labeled as "Cain's Cajun-Style Fish Seasoning."  Is that still available?  If so, how can I get some?

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Thanks for your research and report!!!  Tickled it's not gone forever.  That would be disastrous!

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I can find the "Cain's BBQ Spice at most any local store here in OKC. 

Does anyone know where I can find the Cain's Gourmet Hickory Rub?

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Ron, I would like more information on getting some of the Cain's Gourmet Hickory Rub and Seasoning, as we are getting pretty low and have lots of brisket smoking to do.

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