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Purpose of Vents??

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Hi all,

What are the purpose of the vents on the gas smoker. I know in a charcoal they help control heat.

ON my smoker there are 2 vents on the bottom, one on each side. Also the stack on top has an adjustable vent.
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They help control the heat and air flow. You normally leave the top exit vents open all the way and open and close the bottom intake vents as needed.
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The top vent will help keep the smoke circulating, and provide a way to avoid stale smoke, as in creosote. The bottom vents are designed to help control the cabinet temperature. If you open them, you will usually get a hotter burn using more oxygen. I hope this helps you.
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You have to have vents to allow oxygen in. Otherwise, oxygen would be depleted and your fire would go out (electric smokers excepted). Vents in the top and bottom are used to tune your fire/smoke to your desires.

Electrics still need vents for circulation purposes.
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Your smoker has to breath!!!icon_smile.gif
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Propane smokers need intake air too. Otherwise the flame will starve for oxygen and go out.

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They are anti-creosote valves as I like to call them. icon_mrgreen.gif
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What about the fact that in my vertical gas smoker, the entire area around the burner and beneath is open to air?
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I am wandering the same thing. I have two side vents and one top vent. Last time I played around with the lower vents to see what would happen. I couldn't tell a difference. The only difference is that when I had them opened my wood chunks would let off more white smoke. When they are closed I get more TBS. Other than that I couldn't tell a difference. Is there one that I am missing. I have a perfect flame propane.
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Sounds like you figured out what adjusting the vents will do for ya.
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