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rib question

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i am planning on smoking spares monday with the recipe from smoke and spice,it calls for pineapple juice,lemon juice a little soy ,my question is how long before monday to start marinating, 12 hrs 24 ? i wouldnt think to start today because lokks to me alot of acid in the marinade might make it musy any thoughts would help
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I have never marinated ribs because I never really thought ribs benefited from marinade. I would think though just a few hours before putting them on the smoker would be sufficent.
You are right it does sound like a salty, acidic marinade. Let us know how they turn out. icon_smile.gif
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Alot of times the acid in the marinaid is to open the pours of the meat to let the rub/flavors penitrate deeper. The pineapple juice really give no benifit untill it gets hot, more suited for injections.
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Marinating ribs?

I'm w/ 3 montes here, I never have marinated ribs, I'm new to smoking, but have been cooking ribs a long time. That marinade does sound a little on the acidic side, so let us know how it turns out. icon_smile.gif
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I marinated my ribs once because I picked up a case of them for cheap and they had an off smell/flavor so the marinade helped to get rid of that. I think I did mine over night so around 12 hours but mine didn't have the acid in it if that is giong to make a difference.
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I'm glad you guys brought this up. I was going to ask if anyone marinated their ribs. It seems like it might be overkill if you're already going to let them sit in a rub overnight, but I have seen recipes for BB marinades, so I don't know. I want to give them as much flavor as possible, but I sure don't want them to turn out mushy.
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After marinating mine I was glad I did as it helped with the strange flavor but once I use all of those ribs up I won't marinate any more as I didn't feel it gave them any more flavor then my normal rub over night. Just my opinion.
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Wouldn't you think with all that acid in it that it might start cooking the ribs if you leave in too long.
just my .02
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IMO that is alot of acid, maybe 3 to 4 hrs. SMOKE AND SPICE cookbook has been out since maybe the late 90's or so and things could be different now. don't get me wrong it was one of my first books and it was good, you can try it like they wrote and see if you like it or maybe change a little here and there. good luck!
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dont get me wrong here i think it says 2-4 hours to overnite so i take that as no more then 8 hrs max just got back from san antinio tx,over 2 months there,job,ate at bill millers bbq,did not like the ribs,got home a week ago,did ribs with a rub the nite before smoke at 240 no foil best ribs ever done dont know why i cant leave well enough alone
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Now I have never marinaded my ribs before to me it just don't make any sence to me. But I'm just me and that I just use some good rub and then smoke them as I always do.
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