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275 gallon oil tank pig smoker

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I finally found enough pictures to show the 275 gallon oil tank smoker my son built:

Cutting tank open:

Sandblasting everything, inside & out:

Making one of the 2' X 2' dual smoking boxes (1/4" steel plate):

Cleaning up after welding hinges on:

Finished (front view):

Finished (angle view):

Giving "Old Smokey" a spritz:

Closeup of "Old Smokey":

Ready to pull pork:

"Them bones":

Turkey looks small in big smoker:

Old Smokey sun bathing:

Thanks for lookin',
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Thats a best smoker for sure. I bet that thing is fun to have for a whole hog party.
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Whole pig parties are great (mostly for show), but I think we get better pulled pork by doing smaller smokes in the MES. A lot less "junk" to deal with than when you do a whole pig.

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Now that's a good size smoker, all ready for a party. He might want to put some more air in the tires. points.gif
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Thanks greenhorn,
LOL---It doesn't do any good to put air in those wimpy little tires. That smoker is really heavy, especially with those big fireboxes on it! Those wheels are the only screw-up on the whole smoker. He says he's going to put bigger wheels on it, but he is a champion procrastinator. For the time being, if he has to move it, he uses his forklift.

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Ok thats one nice smoker for sure. Why does it have twin fire boxes ??? It doesn't look that big that it shold require 2 fire boxes?? But he did a great job on it too. It looks like it puts out some really good Q too.
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that is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice job!
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What a great Qview!
Nice work, on the smoker AND the pig.
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Great Job on the smoker it looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks mballi,
No cold spots with two fireboxes. Depending on what he makes in it, he might only use one firebox, but if he wants to use them (like for a whole pig), they're there. It has three chimneys too, with regulators on each one. It also has a big adjustable baffle inside the smoking chamber, just inside the entry holes from each firebox. The main handle is an aluminum pipe floating on a steel bar, so it never gets hot, and it pivots on the steel bar, instead of tearing skin off your hands.

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+1 That is why I built my UDS. I started off with a hog roaster, but after getting advice here it seems that Pork Butts are the better way to go for PP. I'm considering getting rid of my hog-roaster/smoker.
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Thats really cool
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Nice, very nice. Should be able ta do some fine cookin on that rig.
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Way Cool!

What did you guys for a counterbalance on the cover to keep it open, or does it just go overcenter?


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I know the thread is a few days old but I guess I missed it somehow.


Hey bear, tell the son he did a fine job there. Looks great, and at least he has the forklift for moving it around.


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thats a big rig there Bear, looks like he did a good job on the build

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Wow! Nice build.

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That is the "Big Bear!" rig! Nice build, and good looking Que!

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Complete newbie to building a smoker.  I researched many sites and I love your design and build pics - Thank You for those.  


For my 1st smoker ever I am using the same tank as you - used heating oil 275 gallon.   I am going with a simple static setup for my backyard with a wood stove as the firebox (inspired by this commercial smoke - joint smoker in Vermont). 



The only things I am doing different than this pic:


- I am going upright like yours (saves space is main reason - no technical reason).

- Smoke in / Smoke out will be on opposite sides of the tank under the grate instead of center stacks like your pic for Smoke out.



Question:  How did you prep the tank for cutting with the saws-all?   I made my 1st cut using a very extensive method to eliminate the fire triangle, But want feedback on using a saws-all to do the remaining cuts.

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