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Lay Sausage on Rack?

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I am currently changing cookers from a cabinet type to a pellet fired Memphis Pro.
I'm used to smoking my kielbasa in the cabinet type (MES, Bradley and CookShack), where I could hang the sausage. I don't have any of the aforementioned cookers anymore.
With my new cooker I will have to lay the kielbasa on the racks.
Will I run into any problems doing this?
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Other than having grill marks it should be fine as long as the temps don't get too high and render the fat
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You'll end up with a sausage with a flat spot on the bottom and some lines where the rack was, but it won't effect the flavor or texture at all. it just would be as pretty. Go for it!
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I got no choice now but to go for it!
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Well if those two say it alright you will be fine. Now why cann't you build a quite cook shed and used a hot plate for your sausage. I use my old GOSM for sausage and bacon just for the fact that I can hang them up.
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I would love to have a smokehouse just for my sausages, but, I'm very limited on space. I live smack dab in the middle of the city. Yards are very small, and mine is taken up by a Kamado Komodo. My new grill will be positioned on my back porch.
I'm in the process of converting my multi family building to condos. But, it's a long involved process.
Then, I'll be getting out of Dodge and have the space to build whatever I want.
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You'll be just fine with it on the racks. I did this batch of venison polish before I bought my sausage hooks and it came out just fine. You can see the marks on a few of them but otherwise they came out great.

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Yea you won't have any issues as long as you keep the heat down. We talked about doing that this year with our ring sausage. Normally we wrap them on dowels in circles but we talked about leaving them in one big spiral circle then putting them on the grates flat. Maybe next year we will see.
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That is how I make my Polish, just make sure you leave enough space between all of the sausages.
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Got my Memphis Pro last Friday. The manufacturer screwed up the order and sent me the more expensive stainless steel model instead of the powdercoat version I ordered.
It was a $600 mistake and they told me to keep the SS model at no charge.
Well, tried my kielbasa recipe and smoked the 15 lbs of sausage on the racks with better results than I ever got with all of my electrics. I had to smoke 15 hours on my Amerique and MES with hard casings and kind of dry.
With the Memphis, they went 7 hours at 180 degrees.

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Nice looking sausage.
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