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ABT's and First LOL cook - lessons learned

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Well did our first ever leg of lamb smoke. I boned it, first for this also. Marinated if for 2 days (1st mistake) in EVOO, S&P, kufta spice (middle eastern spice), rosemary and a bunch of garlic.
Smoker at 225 (2nd mistake) and it cooked for 3 hrs.
In the mean time did up some ABT's. No after pics, sorry.

LOL ready to go in the smoker.

Finished and out of the smoker. Wrapped it in foil and rolled it up in a big blanket. Didn't have a cooler available so just put it on the counter.

Sliced and ready to go. Came out a little short of medium and real juicy.

Next time I am only going to use marinade for over night. Meat seemed a little soft.
I will also cook it a a higher temp, maybe 250.
Friends that came for dinner are not big lamb fans but said I could make that for them anytime so I guess it wasn't too bad.

Well thanks for looking and any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Well to me if the people eating it liked it then it was a job well done, so well done
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looks good to me... i have only done lamb on the rotisserie though... want to try it smoked sometime this summer...
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I am not a big lamb eater, but that looks real good...
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I love lamb on my smoker!!!! Good job.
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Nice Job

Looks great, if they really don't like lamb, and said they'd eat it again, then you did something right points.gif
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What NG said.....
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What wood did you use

looks really good to me. I haven't tried cooking lamb, can't say I have ate a lot of it. but for some reason, I am thinking this weekend, I will be smoking some. I see several recipes for marinates but no one mentions what flavor smoke.

Any suggestions would be apreciated.

Thanks in advance
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I used Apple.
Forgot to put that in my original post.
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Looks good from here.
Thinking about picking up a leg, they are going on sale for $1.99lb tomorrow.
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