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heh heh, thanks for relaying the commandments to me deltadude. I had never heard of them till now but I will try my best to follow them. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your welcomes. It's like I arrived home :)

So I'm itching get smoking already and so far the only thing I have done with my smoker is cook some chicken with indirect heat. My brother had a couple pounds worth of marinaded chicken at his house that would have gone bad (he cant really cook well) so I offered to cook em for him and the family. I figured that I would give the smoker a test run with something simple. well let me tell you that she performed beautifully. got hot fast, retained a steady good temp and leaked very little smoke in general.

So here is what I plan to do soon.

I get all my wisdom teeth yanked out next month on the 8th. I am going to have six days off during that time which I will use to break down my smoker for a full restoration much like the one chefrob did.

I have my two tel-tru thermos on order which i will be installing (thanks rickw for the link btw) and I have my maverick on order.

I will be building my charcoal box.

I have big huge slab of stainless steel sheet metal the roughly measures five feet tall by 15 feet wide and with the thickness of a quarter on it's side. I know it's hard to imagine it exactly guys but I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them for you guys to see. I want to use that medal to fabricate some tuning plates and maybe extend the shelf in front of my smoker a little to the right so I can have more space.

I really would like some suggestions and ideas please from my fellow smokers please.

oh yeah, Jay i'm afraid to say that bestbuy is dropping the rockford fosgat brand for kicker and polk audio :( I beleive that the Top Gun Academy is no longer around but the Snake Pit academy form Directed Electronics took it's place in a sense.
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so here are the pics of the stainless sheet metal i spoke of. I want to make some tuning plates out of them but other than that Im not sure what I can do with the rest. any suggestions?

front side

back side

top side

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