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My smoker

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This smoker was built by my cousin who at the time was a welder. He passed away from a heart attack 5 years ago. He built it for a guy who never came and got it and I bought it from his wife when he passed. I have a lot of questions, because it was his first and I have always cooked on a green egg. So what I plan to do is lower the chimney inside down to the cooking grate. I will also add a baffle and turning plates to even out the temp. This is a great site and I'm glad I found it. My question's are this smoker is five years old and I never seasoned it. I have never done anything to it, but cook on it about 20 times. Do you think I need to season it or has that been done by cooking on it all those times. I also would like to know if putting a baffle with turning plates or a baffle with a plate that runs the length of smoker with rows of holes cut in them. Which one distributes the heat more evenly or both about the same. Thanks Rick
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Pics ?

No pics? You need some qview.
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YEP! gotta have pictures butt it wouldn't hurt to season it. Also, depending on how it smokes now you may not need plates butt a baffle is mostly always needed.

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Do you have any pictures (Qview here) it would helpus with any questions that you might have.
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Ok I will try and post a picture. The smoker is at my dad's and I will be down working on my cabin which is behind my dad's this weekend. I will take several pictures then and post up. Here goes the only picture I got
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