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I spent a few hours working on the smoker this weekend. Got one door finished. I feel like it turned out pretty good.

This is the first weld of the day. You can see that i am no expert but good enough.

Below is the finished product after a quick paint job. You cannot see the 45 degree angle on the flat bar so I wont go through that trouble again. But I am happy with how it turned out.

Door seems to fit nicely. Sorry I didn't take more picts of the overall progress. I got into the work and forgot to take picts. Maybe the next door.
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I plan on building the firebox this weekend. I am back and forth on weather or not to double the sides. I have 1/4" steel plate 24"x24" and the box will be 24x24x24. My concern is that over time the steel will start to warp.

I am looking for comments on this.
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Weld some 2" channel iron "Strong Backs" on the inside of the walls. That will re-inforce the wall and it is cost effective and quick. Hope this helps. Erik
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just a tip for future projects. cut the top of the doors first then weld your hinges, then cut the two sides then the bottom. then your done its a pain in the butt to hold those doors square and weld the hinges. just a thought
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thanks for the input guys. The hinge Idea is a very good one..
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Started on the firebox this weekend. the two sides and the top are double plated 1/4". Should hold heat pretty well.

the picture is showing the box upside down. After welding the two sides on I cannot lift it. Gonna be heavy.

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The tank and the firebox are now one. Getting close.

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That looks awesome!! Great job!! That is exactly what I want to do!
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OK, made some major progress.

Admins, I haven't researched it yet but after this weekend I am going to have to move my thread to the Reverse Flow section.

Addition of reverse flow

Notice the name of the beer... Blind Faith. Kind like how I am building this smoker..

Firebox door

Smoker doors

A good friend provided the Stainless exaust.

Had to have something to eat and drink after the work was done.

And finally.. A person behind the work... w/ soon to be SMF member.
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OMG, my wife bought me the same "I Have Gas" shirt. LOL.
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That's looking pretty sweet man....soooooo jealous! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looking good, had to go grab a magic hat out of the fridge myself!
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Why is the exaust on the same side as the side box?.. Wouldn't heat/smoke just flow out of the exaust without impacting the cooking too much..
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I dont know much about it but I think its the reverse flow that he is talking about.

That is an awesome looking smoker you got going there. Hopefully I will be able to start my smoker project here before to long.
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I jumped the gun.. It is a reverse flow. icon_redface.gif
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You must wait patiently GrassHopper!! It will be a reverse flow smoker. There will be a plate running almost to the opposite side length wise from the Side Fire Box. The smoke from the fire box flows under the plate to the other end where there is an open area for it to pass to the upper chamber where the meat grate, usually expanded metal, is a few inches above the plate and the smoke then travels more or less across the meat or whatever you are smoking to the exhaust at the top. Go back a page or two in this post and you will see he has started making the plate which will have V shaped drain for the drippings. Stay on this same Bat Channel and you will see what I am describing as he builds it.

I took so long typing that you actually answered yourself....oh well I needed the typing practice anyway LOL!!
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Just wondering how you like the welder??? Just ordered the same one today. I can't wait!! Your build looks SHHHHHHWWWWEEEEEET!!
It should be awesome!

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Any good links on how to build the offset firebox?..
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Don't feel too bad, I made the same mistake on another build thread. That's one of the reasons we're called newbies.
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I am very happy w/ the welder and I think you will be also. I have not had any issues w/ it yet. It was easy to set up and all the settings are pretty simple. The directions say just plug it in and weld.. that is pretty much what ya do. I am going to get the MIG attachment once I get used to the arch. Just wanted to practice a little first.

That was a tough build. I used this forum and just looked at many posts of the builds. As you can see by the pict of beer on the firebox "blind faith" That is what I used. I decided to use the double wall for the top and the sides 'cause I didn't want to take any chance of it bending from the heat. I also have 1" square pipe inside the walls. But as for good links to the firebox, if I remember correctly I used this thread to get the ideas. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...t=86698&page=8
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