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just got me a 80 gallon tank today! for FREEE!! gotta love it. gonna make a bigger version of my mini reverse flow for the back patio. i'm gonna do a square fire box this time using some idea's from hogwarts latest build. cant wait!!!
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cool congrats on the score
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Congrats, i think i found me one today too, but not for free icon_neutral.gif
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Hey love the sign that was on that... does that come in a belt-buckle model?
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if you mean the sign in my pics, one of the techs that works for my company put that on a customers fryer. the fryer needed a thermocouple! there wasnt anything else wrong with it. he just didn't wanna work on it. so i took the "red tag" lol off of the fryer, fixed the problem, and needless to say he doesn't work for me anymore. i lost the account over that because the customer was down for too long, but some times ya gotta laugh about those kinda things. so i put that on our wall of shame.
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q-view will follow as i progress!cool.gif
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Sounds like a great score, keep us posted.
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Go Hogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the avatar.
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Well points.gif to you, if nothing else, just for liking my build enough to use some idea from it icon_mrgreen.gif

I was originally wanting a 125 gallon tank for the that build I did for my backyard but I'm pretty glad all I could find was the 80 gallon. Perfect size for the yard. Don't think I would have really wanted it any larger.

Cant wait to see the upcoming pics of your build.
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I have been looking for a tank that size.. I cant even find one to buy let alone free stuff icon_rolleyes.gif

Nice score. Loofoward to see what you do with it since it will be my next project.
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been kinda busy this week. i should start working on it this week in the evenings hopefully!
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sorry folks, i've been way too busy at work so i'm just now gettin back to this. i cut the tank open and discovered it was an old soap concentrate tank from a car wash. really old. it had alot of pitting on the inside and was gonna take along time to clean up. so i decided to order some steel already rolled for my masterpiece (LOL). i ordered a 30" x 48" x 3/16 for my cook chamber and am going to make a 20" tall by 24x24 fire box. if i figured the math right thats a 146 gallon tank (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong). i should have some pics to post soon. if anyone wants to mess with that tank i'm abandoning PM me and i will be more than happy to "hook a brotha up" lol! i can put it on a skid and ship or you can pick it up. hooked up person pays the shipping if shipped, tank for free!
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Great score there!
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also i have already stripped all the powder coat off the outside, cut the door in it, and cut the hole for the fire box opening. there are some holes in the opposite side from the fire box opening that need to be patched and blended in. i also have the smoker calculator completed for the fire box and stack sizes.
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