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smoking wood

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What wood should i use for ribs? Smoking 6 slabs today. Does anyone one have a good fatty recipe?
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for ribs I like apple alot.

also like hickory, oak, or cherry,

pretty much anything works good.
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I'm a fan of apple and hickory mix for ribs. However, I have tried all flavors and ribs are good with them all. Ribs and smoke are a match made in heaven.icon_smile.gif
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Used apple here. Also spritzed with apple juice/water combo.
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Hickory be my favorite, on customers orders I use Maple, everbody loves em. Apple er any a the fruit woods be very nice as well. Lets face it, ya smoke it there gonna be good!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I use mostly oak on things, but occasionally I will do cherry or some hickory with a little pecan.
For the fattie I have a few favorites.
One was simple, smoke a head of garlic not till mushy/roasted texture but to where it is still firm then chop it up and mix throughout your sausage, reform and poof-smoked garlic fattie.
Another favorite I did was to saute some peppers and onions then in the fattie was some cheddar cheese, the peppers and onions (jalapenos for some extra heat) then favorite BBQ sauce.
If you have access to a fresh olive/mozzarella bar I like to sometimes put marinated garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes in a fattie.
Pepper shooters (marinated cherry peppers stuffed with aged provolone wrapped in proscuitto, wrap them in sausage and you have a delicious appetizer fit for a King.
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