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Elk tenderloin...grilled-fatty style??

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I defrosted some tenderloin from last season's elk and decided to cook it up tonight. I was planning to wrap a few slices of bacon around it just for kicks. Well, ends up I wrapped it like a fatty and grilled it... I'm not afraid..

Here are the loins trimmed of the little fat and silver skin..

The weave

The fattie and a popper made w/ leftover bacon..

Now I dunno about you folks, but my micro makes the best darn pertaters... I coat them in EVOO and hit he potato button and out they come.. Here they are before going in.


Throttle setting on the Weber Genesis Silver

Off the grill

Looks like a disaster but tenderness prevailed..

This is all I could stand to photograph...
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I have never had elk, but that look very good and yummy
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It came out very well. If you haven't had elk before, find some and try it..
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Looks great! I like mine medium rare, but I'd sure try a slice of that.tongue.gif
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Did my venison loins wrapped in bacon and hickory smoked. It was great but I expect the elk is even better.
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That looks great. wish I had a plate full. The bacon wrap is a great idea since elk is so lean.icon_smile.gif
Well done!!!
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It sure looked good, but I doubt I will ever get any home to try it like that! Loin meat like that never makes it out of Elk camp. We cut them up and fry in garlic butter the night of the harvest.
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ELK TENDERS !!!!!!!!!!!! It don't get no better then that. I'm going out west this fall and sure hope I get one so I can give that a try.
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Man now that is special. You did a great job !!!!!!!!!points.gif
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Yummy looking'excellent job
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That looks awesome! I've had Elk steak and Elk burger (of an animal my brother took a few years ago in the Pacific NW).

I've done a deer backstrap wrapped in bacon after a 2 hour was very goodPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif! Great job.
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looks great! I tend to get the bacon cooked a little before I wrap so that I can cook the tenderloin to rare or med rare. Still looks good! I have done this with elk, deer, and antilope. all good!!!!
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I may have to do this again this weekend with a different cut of elk.
Good news is I have a nother tag for October so I can fill the freezer again..icon_cool.gif
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Well done there Pit for brains. I really like the tenderloins and likea fetty was a really smart idea too. Now for them potatoes you have found a reallt yummie way to prepare them for we do them that way too. points.giffor the meal it looks so good and I wish I was there to enjoy with you.
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Now you are just palin bragging. Nothing better than wild game. Awesome!!
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Thank ya kindly for the points Mark. I still can't figure out how this micro can cook one small or a half-dozen potatos to perfection by itself.
Humidity? Temp?

I won't brag until I fill the tag in Oct....
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ditto man... that never makes it down the mountain!!! thats camp meat there for sure... but bein you were lucky enuff to sneak that outta there without anyone knowing... looks good man, i would take a chunk or three of thatPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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