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Northern Tools

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Northern Tools Has some of thier meat grinders on sale. Here is the website.

Stuffers also

A mixer too!!!
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I can vouch for one of their grinders, as I'm a happy buyer. Their customer service is very good too.
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Yea I know what you mean. I got the #32 with the flywheel and works flawlessly. THey have great customer service. Sent me new bearings without questions. Thought I would pass it on.
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All I can do is wish that I would have bought my grinder from Northern tools but I didn't. I bought mine from Gander and I would tell folks not to buy their grinders for I hope you don't need any differant plates for them cause they don't carry them Go Figure. It's the smae things with their stuffers too.
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What size grinder do you need plates for Mark? Also what brand is it?
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Thought I'd bump this also
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