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green wood

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would it be ok to smoke with green wood
i have cherry wood but it is green
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Its not recommended unless you really know what you're doing. Otherwise you could create a condition where creosote is formed on the meat and you'll be left with a very bitter taste, and creosote actually numbs yours lips/tongue when it comes in contact with them. You need a good, hot fire to burn green wood well.
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You can use it if you are smoking with a fairly hot fire. Say keeping your chamber around 255 to 300 F

Below that if you know draft and damper settings you can use it, but it is tricky.

What is your experience level with smoking??
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Now I have seen on tv a BBQ resturant that uses only green mesquite but they change out their smoker every other year. Now Bbally is a much better source of info then me but I would not use it if it were me. Let it dry out.
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1-5 level maybe 2.25 lol
i have ben bless with a good bit of wild cherry, peach, pear, pecan, apple, wood all is green how long to dry you think
all cut this week. way to much work for a old fart like me lol
smoking 4 butts today i try to smok 225-250 pay back for help getting all the wood

thanks for the info
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I'd say half way threw the summer would be dry enough...
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Another option for you may be to use a burn barrel. Here is a link that expalins what it is, how to make one and how to use it.

Some consider this to be "true" wood smoking. I have made one but as of yet I have not had an opportunity to use it. Mind you it takes alot more wood to smoke with one but from reading the thread it sounds as if the benefits are worth it. icon_smile.gif
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